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Amaterasu Clan
Kekkei Genkai Hyoton
Hidden Techniques Wave Release

The Amaterasu Clan is a clan of a shinobi that have begun to take root in Getsugakure. They reside near the outskirts of the village itself and usually keep to themselves unless a disaster stikes, in which case they are usually the first on the scene to help. The clan is filled of descendants of the Yuki Clan, which should come as no surprise as why they are able to use Ice Release techniques. Due to this clan's affinity to water, they were tasked with the sealing of the Six-Tailed Slug, which they did by sealing into the child that was most recently born after the previous host's death. In the most recent case both Yuuma and Seiya were born around the same time, however, Seiya ws born with a strong affinity to the Ice Release; so the tailed beast was sealed in Yuuma instead.