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Baja (バハ, Baja), renowned as Baja of the Black Sand(黒い砂のバハ, Kuroi suna no baha), was an S-ranked missing-nin from Sunagakure Black Ops Divison and Puppet Brigade and a member of the new Akatsuki where she was partnered with Log.


Baja was born sometime before the Third Shinobi World War and is the daughter of the former Third Kazekage and his bodyguard/lover, Sari. Her mother died during childbirth and due to the secret status of their relationship was reported to have been killed during a mission by enemy ninja.

Baja was extremely close to her father, and also grew close to Sasori and Komushi. She viewed Sasori as an older brother. She was also trained personally by her father in use of her iron sand abilities but also asked Sasori and Lady Chiyo to train her in the use of puppets. Along with Sasori, she fought during the Third Shinobi World War, the duo earned the respective titles Sasori of the Red sand for his use of puppets and Baja of the Black sand for her use of her iron sand abilities.

Sometime after Sasori left the village, Baja became a member of Sunagakure's Puppet brigade and was a member of the villages Black Ops division. She would later participate in the Konoha Crush though she distrusted Otogaukre, she led an additional Sunagakure team through the Chunin exams. She later squared off against Asuma Sarutobi and Might Guy injuring both and the later in the same manor Garaa injured Rock Lee.

She also fought during the 4th Shinobi World War and was a guard during the Chunin exams held in Sunagakure she also fought Hidan and  Kakuzu, before being ordered by Temari to retreat. She later betrayed Sunagakure when Tobi and Orochimaru revealed the truth of her father's disappearance.


As a child Baja, was carefree and curious, later on, she developed personality traits similar to her father, and Sasori. Like her father she is a very calm and stoic person, displaying no visible emotion. She also had a very down-to-earth outlook on life, rarely getting worked up over obstacles that impeded her way. She rarely gave way to any strong emotions, and such instances that happened were often short-lived. Like Sasori, she has a  cruel and nihilistic nature. She also seems smarter than one would think, she expressed a distrust of Otogakure and doesn't like working with them. She also appears to dislike weaklings as she shouts at Sakura for being a weakling and a fangirl.

Also like Sasori, she was very loyal to the Akatsuki. In fact, she gave up on Sunagakure after she learned that she had been lied to the whole time about her father and Sasori's death. She seemed to be very close to Sasori and her father when Boruto unknowingly insulted the Third Kazekage and Sasori, Baja got enraged and almost killed Boruto.

She also seems to dislike Boruto and the next generation of Konohagakure genin expect for Danki and Iawebe calling them "morons", and "little kids playing ninja". She also hates how they have been spoiled and don't know the value of hard work.


Baja looks like both her parents, like her father she has fair skin but has inherited her mother's brown eyes and brown hair. As a child her hair went down to her waist, she also wore a blue dress and shinobi sandals. Later in her teens she wore a black t-shirt and standard black pants that also acted as shinobi sandals, her forehead protector was tied around her waist and on her back was storage for her puppet scrolls.

When she joined Sunagakure's black ops her appearance, for the most part, stayed the same, minus she wore a Suna flack jacket and fingerless gloves and a bandana around the lower part of her face. After joining the Akatsuki, she wore a black sleeves shirt and black pants with wrappings around her feet that double as sandals. She wears her Akatsuki cloak over this, and her scratched forehead protector remains on her face. She also at times wears a straw hat.


Baja, being trained by Sasori, and Lady Chiyo and also being the daughter of the most powerful Kazekage in history, was a strong and powerful kunoichi. Her use of Iron Sand during the Third Shinobi World War earned her the title "Baja of The Black sand". She was able to keep this title during Konoha Crush and reinforce it during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Her feats and strength were so known and feared, Sarada Uchiha hit Boruto when he meets and disrespects Baja and Log after her defection from Sunagakure.

Puppet Mastery

Being trained by both Sasori, and Lady Chio. Baja is very proficient in puppetry. She had great skill in making and controlling her puppets. Baja was skilled fight long-range and close to mid-range she did so by creating and modifying her puppets for this purpose she would have rotate attacks to make it hard for enemies to predict her attacks. She also had tremendous skill with chakra threads, suppressing them to the point that they became invisible and he could control upwards to 100 puppets — a feat thought impossible for ordinary shinobi. She also made use of corpses of dead shinobi, and could also make human puppets though she preferred corpses.


Baja's twentieth puppet was designed for both mid-to-short range combat. It was armed with various hidden weapons and mechanism such as a grappling hook, and hidden kunai, and smoke bomb launchers. It also can be modified for various missions and task from delivering messages to infiltration and was used in conjunction with Baja's Puppet clone technique in which it would replace her or would replace somebody else. It was a member of Baja's Zero Secret Technique


Baja's seventh puppet designed for close quarters combat, it looks similar to a human female and is armed with Tonfas and is trained in various forms of Taijutsu. It is very nimble and agile allowing it to keep up Rock Lee and Metal Lee.


Baja's third puppet, and the third oldest one, it was designed for close quarter combat it is armed with dual swords it is large but very agile for its size it was able to defeat Ten Ten and swordsmen like Sasuke with relative ease.


Baja's fourth puppet it is a human male, with a turban and a bandana covering its head, and lower part of its face. It has a scratched Sunagakure forehead protector attached to the turban, it wears an Akatsuki cloak, which hides its second pair of arms and its tail. Baja often uses this puppet, as a means to throw off her enemies due to her being wanted in the bingo book, she will speak through it and use it to communicate and fight her opponents while she gathers intel on her enemies.


A purely defensive puppet with limited offensive capabilities it resembles a giant snake. It often buries itself underground for most of the fight, when an enemy comes to attack Baja it will reveal itself, and attack and defend at the same time. It is armed with hundreds of built-in weapons. Including rapid-fire kunai launchers, bombs, missiles, spikes, Chakra blasters, Harpoons, Frails, later on during the New Era Baja modified it to included a device similar to the Scientific Ninja Tool where it can absorb Chakra and jutsu and fire it right back at enemies it also includes a minigun, machine gun, and homing missiles.

Yin and Yang

Twin Puppets, that act as one Yin is an offensive puppet while Yang is a defensive puppet they work together often attacking than defending from an enemies counterattack. Yang is armed with a shield that can expand when needed. Yin was armed with a lance/saber and often used thrust like attacks. Later on, in the new era, Yang has a chakra shield while Yin has a chakra blade. They have the ability to combine into one puppet armed with both a sword and shield.

Corpse Puppets

Baja has the ability to use deceased shinobi as puppets, often using them to attack their friends and former allies. This is basically to create either confusion amongst enemy ranks.

Human Puppets

Like Sasori, Baja can create puppets from former living shinobi, but she chooses not to as she just uses their dead bodies by hooking her chakra strings to them.


Unlike most puppeteers, Baja trained in Taijutsu, mostly by herself, or by her friend/mentor Yui a Sunagakure Black Ops. She is highly skilled and is able to take down multiple opponents in unarmed combat. She is able to go toe to toe with Taijutsu masters such as Rock Lee. Her fighting is very unpredictable making it difficult for Sharingan users or highly trained Taijutsu users such as Rock Lee to predict and effectively counter their strikes as her movements are highly erratic. She makes use of her agility and Black ops training to overpower opponents and finishing them off with either a weapon, puppet, or her ninjutsu.


Baja is well trained in kenjutsu and can use a variety of swords. She is able to go head to head with Sasuke and was able to take down several samurai guards of a Land of Iron terrorist cell. She also was able to defeat Mifune and cut his arm off despite him being a skilled Samurai. She was able to defeat Sasuke


Nature transformation

Like her father Baja possessed the kekkei genkai Magnet Release which allowed her to convert his chakra into strong magnetic forces, enabling her to manipulate magnetic objects. Her magnetic control also granted her immunity from all metallic weapons, as well as the ability to nullify opposing puppets by clogging their joints with sand. With Iron Sand, she could make weapons to fit various occasions, thereby making this a very versatile technique.


Repeatedly, Baja has demonstrated to be a highly analytical and cunning woman, this was due in part to having Sasori as her sensei, she was able to handle situations with various traps and misdirection. She is also shown to be a highly analytical woman, quickly determining her opponent's strengths and combat methods. She also has a great knowledge of the human body, as shown with her ability to create many different types of poisons and her ability to knock people out by using her opponent's pressure points in their body.

Part I

Chūnin exams

Baja was serving as an ANBU in the Sunagakure's Black Ops division. She disliked Rasa and was against his alliance with Otogakure. Despite this, she was assigned a Genin team and sent to participate in the Chunin exams held in Konohagakure. She chided Baki for losing sight of Gaara and his brother and sister and stopped a fight from breaking out between Team 7 and The Sand Siblings, smacking both Sasuke and Kankurō in the head, and then she kicked Sakura when she snapped at her for smacking Sasuke. Baja told Sakura that she is a weakling and more than likely to get her teammates killed and that the Shinobi World has no use for Fangirls or weakling's playing ninja. She is stopped by Kakashi Hatake, who wants to know why an ANBU-class kunoichi is here. Baja simply walks off with the sand siblings. Her team later passes the first and second stages but are eliminated by the third stage.

Konoha Crush

Baja later meets with Baki where she expresses a distrust towards Otogakure. She along with Baki prevent the Genin and Jonin from chasing after Temari, Gaara, and Kankurō. She later rushed off to assist Otogakure, and Sunagakure forces, killing a number of Chunin and ANBU along the way. She later engaged Asuma Sarutobi and Might Guy. Defeating the Taijutsu master easily with her taijutsu and iron sand before capturing Asuma and replacing him with a puppet. She later engages Kakashi Hatake in combat, she manages to use Taijutsu, ninjutsu and her puppet mastery to keep him at bay, before using a sand clone to cover her retreat.

She later appears along with Baki after the invasion has failed as an escort to him while they discuss a peace treaty and a new alliance, between Suna and Konoha. She later walks around, before deciding to watch Team 7 train from the treetops. She manages to save Sakura from falling into the river with her iron sand, after she got into a fight once again with Ino over Sasuke. She scolded the two girls and Sasuke for not helping Sakura and told then them the story of one of her subordinates who got into a petty fight with another black ops shinobi and the two put the whole team in danger. She and Kakashi have a chat about the curse seal on Sasuke's neck in which Baja revealed she has some medical training, in which she decides to use the opportunity teach the Konoha Genin about advanced medical techniques and how to treat curse seals and seals.

Sasuke Recovery Mission

Following the failed invasion by Suna and Oto, Sunagakure enacted a new alliance with Konohagakure. Konohagakure sought Suna's aid in recovering Sasuke Uchiha. Baja and her black ops squad were sent to assist the Sand Siblings however, Baja's team took heavy losses after they were attacked by Sasuke Uchiha who had activated Stage one of the Curse Seal. Baja managed to defeat the Uchiha before Oto nin took him and knocked her out. She was saved by her subordinate Zaria Yui

Sunagakure Support Mission

Baja and Zaria Yui help the sand siblings teach at Sunagakures ninja academy. They later teach the students taijutsu and how to throw shuriken properly. It is to be noted that Team Baja has been reformed with two other unnamed shinobi.

Part II

New era