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Blood Release
Name Nature Icon Blood Blood Release
Kanji 血操作
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Blood Release (血遁, Ketton) also known to some as Chi Sōsa (血操作, lit. Blood Manipulation), is a Kekkei Genkai used predominately by the Sanguis Clan located in the Land of Bears. The natures used to create it are unknown, though it is renowned for its difficulty in mastery, even among the Sanguis Clan which it runs in. Those who have mastered the release call themselves Masters of Death who dance between life and death in every battle they encounter.

Overview Edit

Blood Release allows the user complete manipulation over their own blood; providing them with a number of benefits such as - but not limited to - immunity to poisons and other such substances that target the bloodstream and a level of accelerated healing. Obviously, to heal multiple wounds, or otherwise fatal injuries, Chakra proportionate to the size of the wound is required to carry out the healing facilitated. While organ regeneration is possible, such an act drains the user tremendously, usually resulting in the hospitalization of the user for extended periods of time; and in some cases, death. When utilized and manipulated outside the body, the blood circles around the user in a manner similar to Gaara's sand. Even in this state, the manipulation requires a sizable amount of Chakra to control effectively. Another existing downside is that the user cannot create blood, nor control the quantity their body produces - something that leads many to consider the Kekkei Genkai to be all but useless, as the human body would be quickly drained of blood. As a work-around, users of this Kekkei Genkai carry with them special pills that can quickly replenish their waning blood supply in battle situations.

Some of the jutsu made available by the Blood Release can actually form iron weapons, namely swords, Kunai and other staple Shinobi weaponry due to the iron content in ones own blood. For a skilled practitioner of the art, there is no difference between simple iron weapons and those others usually carry or use through seals or scrolls.

One unique application of Blood Release is the fact the Kekkei Genkai can occur - through a blood transfusion - in someone not born into the specialized clan, as shown with Shiki Kanō's development of the Blood Release. The user performing the transfusion must have a blood group the same as the intended recipient in order to prevent fatal consequences through the clumping of the recipients blood. Due to the risks associated, however, this practice is rarely carried out.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Increased Blood-lust amongst the Sanguis Clan.
  • Harmful without the use of blood increasing pills.
  • Very dangerous because of the Blood Frenzy.
  • One can die trying to achieve it when not born with it.

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