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Name Daijagan
Kanji 大蛇眼
Literal English Eye of Fear
Classification Dōjutsu
Other Jutsu

The Daijagan (大蛇眼, Eye of Fear) is the bloodline limit of those born into the clan Shinja. Like others classified under the title dojutsu, it is a genetic descendant of the legendary Rinnegan, formed through generations of natural evolution and mutation.

Capabilities Edit

The Daijagan appears as an emerald optic whose central pupil is surrounded by three other, swirling pupilesque markings. Like so many other optical traits, its abilities revolve around the augmentation of natural vision. Two of such traits are apparant. Primarily, the Daijagan grants the Shinja an exceptionally enhanced field of perception, to the point where swift-moving objects are easily tracked. Its other ability, and possibly the most tactically effective, is it's ability to clearly visualize chakra and its flow; a trait found in all forms of the Rinnegan's descendants.

Awakening Edit

Each and every member of the Shinja clan is born with an innate fear; a natural born obstacle which grows to define their entire being over the course of a lifetime. For some, this fear is nothing more than an irrational aversion to an animal or object, while for others this fear manifests itself in response to the forging of bonds: a paralyzing aversion to loss. Unlike those of differing bloodlines, the Daijagan does not automatically appear within a Shinja upon birth. It is only through the confrontation with one's inner fear that the Daijagan manifests itself within the Shinja; no doubt due to the overall stress of the encounter.

Advancement Edit

As a Shinja grows in strength, maturity, power, and wisdom, so does his or her resilience against their internal fear. Through the initial confrontation with one's fear does the Shinja's journey begin, and upon conquering it does he or she revel in the reward that is the Kyōfushō Daijagan (恐怖症大蛇眼, Phobic Fear Eye). It is the second and final stage of the Shinja bloodline limit; its appearance fluctuating from Shinja to Shinja to depict their individual conquests over fear. In addition to representing their journey thus far, the Kyōfushō Daijagan houses immense power in the form of an exceptionally unique ability: Asteria.

Trivia Edit

  • The Daijagan is an indirect allusion to the pessimistic tendencies of the author. At present, the belief that the least favorable outcome is the only outcome and by confronting it can one make a change has made itself prevalent in this and all other of his writings.