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Diaries of the Hidden Waterfall (滝隠れの日記集, Takigakure no Nikkishū) is a light novel series written by User:NejiHyuga2, going by the pen name of Minato Yatsushiro (八城 港, Yatsushiro Minato?).

Plot Overview


The series consists of four installments focusing on Shigure Abura's life in Takigakure as well as her adventures throughout the Ninja World, alongside Naruto Uzumaki and his friends.

  1. Diaries of the Hidden Waterfall: Three Rapid Rhapsodies
  2. Diaries of the Hidden Waterfall: The Orchestra Playing in the Sand
  3. Diaries of the Hidden Waterfall: Darkness of the Dawn
  4. Diaries of the Hidden Waterfall: True Tears Flowing Through the Heart


  • The number of volumes is not final; it may be changed to fit the author's wishes.