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Harume Uchiha

Harume Uchiha, (うちは はるめ, Uchiha Harume) is one of the three son's of Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha, he is the middle twin aside from Akame and Sorame. Unlike Sarada, their father was there during most of his up bring, so he doesn't struggle with impressing anyone except his Father.


Harume and his brothers were accepted early into the academy, at the age of 12 he graduated with his classmates.

When he was six, his younger twin brother Sorame got very sick and Harume showed his worry by not eating or leaving his brothers side.


Harume is very protective of his siblings, he is very straightforward and like Sasuke's childhood nature before the clan's massacre, he is eager to please his family and also impress Aika Akishima.


LIke his sister and Mother, Harume inherited Sakura's strength, in training. He learned his fire skills as a self-taught lesson with books and his brothers. Eager to please his Father who was impressed, but told them not to grow up too fast.

He knows

  • Fire Release: Flame Bullet
  • Fire Release: Uchiha Great Flame Sphere
  • Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson

He is also currently learning medical ninjutsu from Sakura