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Hayate Yuki
(ゆきはやて, Yuki Hayate)
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Hayate Yuki.jpg
 Kanji ゆきはやて
 Rōmaji Yuki Hayate
 Appears In
 Movie Debut
Voice Actors
 Species Human
 Gender Male
 Age Gaiden: 13
 Status Active
 Height 150 cm
 Eye Color Black
 Hair Color Black
 Blood Type
 Kekkei Genkai link=Ice Release Ice Release Ice Release
 Kekkei Tōta
 Kekkei Mōra
 Affiliation Hyōgakure
 Team Team 17
 Clan link=Yuki Clan Yuki Clan Yuki Clan
 Ninja Rank Gaiden: Genin
 Ninja Registration
 Academy Grad. Age
 Chūnin Grad. Age
Tengoku Yuki (Father)
Anko Mitarashi (Mother)
Garaki Uchiha (Younger brother)
Nature Type
Wind Release Wind Release
Water Release Water Release
link=Ice Release Ice Release Ice Release
Ice Release: Crystal Ice Sword

Hayate Yuki (ゆきはやて, Yuki Hayate) is an genin of Hyōgakure and member of the Yuki Clan, first son of Tengoku and Anko Mitarashi. He's an member of Team 17.


Hayate Yuki is the currently the only child of Tengoku and Anko Mitarashi belonging to Hyōgakure's Yuki Clan, born sometime his two parents got married after the mass funeral of the Fourth Shinobi World War.


Hayate is an human male child around the age of 13 years old with blackn spikey and black eyes. He's usual attire consists of a blue shirt with a white jumper with brown fluffy collar with black pants and an brass belt.


Hayate is one of the Academy's prodigy for his age, having been taught by Tengoku, an member of the Uchiha and Yuki Clans. Born with strong reserves of chakra and the kekkei genkai of Ice Release, he has profound skill in chakra control to utilize his overall ninjutsu for his age as an genin. While he may seemed skilled, he's mostly has an talent in chakra control to allow his jutsu to be more stronger, however he seems to lack taijutsu and physical skill as he can be defeated in close unarmed combat.


Nature Transformation

Hayate has demonstrated some skill with two basic of the basic elemental natures of water and wind, which also his affinity. During his academic years he has an more advanced understanding with his two natures thanks to his father Tengoku teaching him before enrolling. However he was also born the Ice Release kekkei genkai of the Yuki Clan and the centre of his abilities during his genin years. At times during the academy, he has shown enough skill with Ice Release to freeze the surrounding air to form basic Ice ninjutsu.