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Hyper Speed Propulsion Technique
Hyper Speed Propulsion Technique.png
Name Hyper Speed Propulsion Technique
Kanji 超速度推進の術
Romanisation Chō sokudo suishin no jutsu
Literal English Hyper Speed Propulsion Technique
Other Hyperdrive Jutsu
Warp Drive Jutsu
Classification Hiden, Fūinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Space-Time Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu
Rank A
Class Supplementary
Range All Ranges
Hand Seals Monkey → Snake → Rat
Other Jutsu
Parent Jutsu Heavenly Transfer Technique
Related Jutsu Flying Thunder God Technique
Kintaro Uchiha
Sakiko Uchiha
Nozomi Uchiha
Tenryū Ōtsutsuki
Akihiko Ōtsutsuki

This technique created by Kintaro Uchiha allows him to use basic interstellar travel. It allows him to reach planets as far out as 100 light years in only a matter of days.

In the main Universe, this jutsu was created by the researchers in the organization Myōjō and is used by Tenryū Ōtsutsuki and a few of his colleagues.


This technique works by activating an aura of chakra that will then cause the eyes to glow blue and then spread blue glowing markings around the body these markings warp space around a person while the jutsu propels the individual faster than light. The user is already traveling at light speed and so the additional warping of space around them allows the user to create a form of barrier around their body that will as a result bypass the light barrier.


This jutsu is meant solely for travel and not for combat, additionally one must have their body in peak condition to use this without causing damage to the user's body. This jutsu is also limited in practical use for distances of 100 light years or less continual usage past this point will exaust the user of almost all their chakra.