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Ishiki Sarutobi
Name Ishiki Sarutobi
Kanji いしき さるとび
Romanji Ishiki Sarutobi
Voice Actor
Personal Status
Birthdate May 12
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown
Blood Type AB
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol.svg Land of Fire
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure
Previous Team Team Lee
Family Sarutobi Symbol.svg Sarutobi clan
Rank Chūnin
Ninja Registration 030392
Academy Grad. Age 11
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Nature Type Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Jutsu Water Clone Technique
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field
Shadow Clone Technique
Weapons Jian
A beauty as fierce as any man.


Ishiki Sarutobi (いしき さるとび, Sarutobi Ishiki) is a Chūnin level kunoichi from Konohagakure and a member of the prestigious Sarutobi clan. In the past, Ishiki was a shy and nervous girl who grew up a sickly child. However, things took a turn for the better after graduation from the academy. Her life was transformed after Ishiki was placed under the tutelage of Rock Lee, an elite Jonin. Now, among the shinobi of Konoha, Ishiki has received praise for her noteworthy skill in swordsmanship and Water Release techniques. She is seen as one of the most promising shinobi of her generation, and the most impressive kunoichi thereof. Also, her looks and overall charisma have caught the eyes of all those around her. Also, she is a good friend of Arano Heian.


Academy Woes

Genin Years


Aside from her charm, confidence, and corny sense of humor, Ishiki is noted for her beauty. Despite being only seventeen years old, she easily turns the heads of many of the men in the village and has unfortunately gained the envy of some of the women as well. She is not vain in any sense of the word, and does not flaunt her looks for ill-intended personal gain. It is her opinion that to do so is an insult to a woman's integrity. Ishiki is a slightly pale young woman with extremely long, black hair that flows past her shoulders. She usually wears her hair in a high ponytail, letting some of her bangs hang to the side, along with a lovely red and yellow flower pinned to the side as a finishing touch. Ishiki has piercing yellow eyes that are almost like those of a cat. She is a bit over average height, standing at about 5 foot, 5 inches. Ishiki has both a slender and womanly form that she keeps in shape with plenty of exercise.


Normally, Ishiki's attire is not a simple one as she has a taste for "looking good". She wears a snow while dangua under a thin red, short-sleeved red jacket of sorts that stops under her chest area. Coupled with this is a long white skirt decorated with a red cloud pattern. The skirt's slit runs all the way up until near Ishiki's waste area. Wrapped around her waste is a decorative blue sash (Her ninja tools pouch is connect to the back of it) with a looser silk, lighter blue sash tied into something of a bow around it. Along with this, Ishiki wears thigh high black stockings with a pattern of white and black at the top. Finally, she wears old-style ninja sandals. When traveling, Ishiki usually whips on a red conical straw hat that has two tassels on each side. Moreover, sometimes she'll throw on a red haori.

On some missions, Ishiki's style of dress is simply disadvantageous to her and those on her name, and furthermore, could restrain her a bit in missions where stealthy movement is of the upmost importance. Also, this is the case when she is put on guard duty. On these occasions, she wears a typical Konoha flak jacket over a black, short-sleeved shirt and other standard articles of clothing. Though Ishiki doesn't enjoy wearing the standard ninja uniform because she finds it too bland. In addition, Ishiki always has her sword on her when on duty . How she carries it varies on her mood, sometimes it's hoisted on her silk sash or on her back, and sometimes even just in her hand.


"Truth be told, as a child I was pitiful. But it wasn't some fact or heaven sent role for me to play. No, it was because I let myself think I was pitiful, weak, and destined to always be a burden on the Sarutobi name. Then Lee-sensei showed me that I was wrong, how very wrong I was. You can only go as far as you let yourself go. If you live your life out as useless lump of flesh, well, you only have yourself to blame."
— Ishiki to a group of academy students.

Ishiki's expressions.

From first glance at her clever smug face, Ishiki's confident disposition and positive mentality are clear as day. Contrary to her rather depressing early years, Ishiki holds an unbreakable and unshakable will that has pushed her through dozens of tough situations over the course of her still young career as a ninja. It is her belief that anyone's life is only what they wish to make it. Ishiki does not believe in the concepts of "destiny" or "fate", no, she believes that humans have the ability to lead their lives however they desire and do what they desire. The idea of predestined goals dictating someone's life daunts her and, in some cases, annoys her. For her, if destiny is something real then it is something charted out by the actions of the person in question. As every action in a person's life leads to future results, the aforementioned are what decide that person's destiny. Yet, the person is in control of it all. As a result, Ishiki is not fond of the use of the words "fate" or "destiny", or even conversation on the matter.

While the way of a shinobi is generally a dark path to walk, Ishiki believes that even in such dark times there are happy moments. She separates shinobi into two broad categories: those that fight and live their lives to the fullest and those that let the shinobi world define them and weigh them down. It is the former that Ishiki believes everyone should try to fall under. As a result, even on dangerous missions, Ishiki attempts to keep her comrades' spirits up. She is a bit of joker, though sometimes her jokes are more trying to hard then anything else. Yet, her corny sense of humor does well to make those around her at least crack a smile. Though it is important to note that Ishiki does not care fo missions of an especially dark nature, such as assassinations and the like. She does her best to stir clear of these sort of assignments; for the same reason, she quickly rejected an offer to join the ANBU about a year ago. The reason to this is simply because while Ishiki doesn't have apprehensions to killing in self-defense, these sort of missions would just leave a bad taste in her mouth and weigh on her conscious. She has been criticized as being too "soft" for this.

Looking smug.

In combat, Ishiki could be summed up as rather, simply put, annoying. While she doesn't bluntly taunt her enemy on the topic of their abilities, she does make sure to touch on everything else. There have even been instances when she spent her time making fun of an opponent's choice of attire beforing defeating and capturing him. Ishiki does not shy away from talking during one-on-one battles; rather embraces the whole situation. Due to this she can very easily get the rise out of her opponent, or at least the easily angered ones. However, she takes each and every mission seriously without a doubt and does not take chances in the midst of battle. For her the situation is always "kill or be killed" whether it's an escort mission or pursuing an exceptionally skilled missing-nin with a team of Jonin.

As a rather skilled swordsman and talented ninja, Ishiki could be seen as a bit ambitious. She wishes to reach the highest level of fame as a kunoichi. To be great like Tsunade, the former fifth Hokage, or possibly even surpass her. For this aspiration, she takes her progress with the sword rather seriously. She was first given the chance to wield one when her sensei, Rock Lee, proposed the idea, believing the young girl could turn out to be quite the swordsman. Now when on duty, she almost always has her sword with her. While she has a way to go, Ishiki is rather confident her strength and does not allow herself to ever be overlooked by anyone. Her progress in the use of Water jutsu and her swordplay are all a result of her strong work ethic.


Arano Heian


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Water Release

Since the dawn of her career as a shinobi , Ishiki's affinity for Water Release was evident. She had a certain talent for it and was naturally adept to using Water jutsu. Ishiki is notably skilled in Water Release techniques. As a result of her abnormally impressive chakra reserves, she can easily use two or three low level Water jutsu in quick succession with no aid from any nearby body of water. When near a substantial body of water, Ishiki has shown noteworthy proficiency with higher scales techniques and multifarious jutsu such as the Water Release: Water Fang Bullet jutsu. Also, her speed within water is unmatched by any other Konoha shinobi.




  • Ishiki's Image Gallery.
  • Ishiki (意識 Ishiki) means "awareness and consciousness".
  • Ishiki Sarutobi is Zicoihno's first character here.
  • During her days in the academy it was clear Ishiki had some talent, however, this was often overshadowed and spoiled by her nervousness and lack of confidence.
  • Ishiki was traumatized after killing for the first time, however, she was able to overcome that hurdle and understand that a shinobi's duty is intertwined with bloodshed.
  • According to her databook entry:
    • Ishiki's hobby is writing.
    • Ishiki wishes to fight Naruto Uzumaki.
    • Ishiki's favorite foods are Udon, Yakitori, and Tempura. Her least favorite dish is anything overly sweet.
    • Ishiki's favorite word is "Determination" (意志 Ishi).
  • Ishiki's theme is Illusions by Two Steps From Hell .