Name Itae
Kanji 板絵
Personal Status
Birthdate July 21st
Age 24
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 66kg (145lbs)
Blood Type Unknown
Hometown Sunagakure SymbolSunagakure
Home Country Land of Wind
Affiliation Sunagakure
Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation Chūnin Symbol Chunin
Previous Occupation Genin
Team Puppet Brigade
Previous Team Team 2
Partner None
Family None
Rank Chunin
Classification Shinobi
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 16
Hiden Techniques Puppet Technique
Nature Type Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Substitution Technique
Chakra Threads
Puppet Technique
Weapons Kara
Summoning Scrolls

Itae (板絵, Itae, lit. "artwork on a piece of wood") is a Chunin-level aspiring Ninja of Sunagakure, who specializes in using the Puppet Technique to assassinate targets. While not of particular renown just yet, he works tirelessly on missions of increasing difficulty in hopes of one day becoming a respected shinobi..

Appearance Edit

Itae is a fairly slim man with shaggy black hair and black eyes. His attire consists of a tight-fitting black full-body suit, a black hood, and a black mask that covers the lower-half of his face, though he removes it when he is not trying to remain hidden. Itae states that the purpose of this particular selection of clothing is necessary for him to remain hidden while controlling from a distance.

While Itae's facial expression is normally obscured by his mask or the shadows cast down on his face by his hood, whenever either are absent he's been noted to have a skeptical expression, and can commonly be observed chewing on his bottom lip.

Personality Edit

"Patient" would be the best term one could possibly use to describe Itae. Used to lurking in shadows and remaining in uncomfortable, desolate places for hours on end, Itae is a extremely patient man. His silent demeanor makes him an advent listener, and it's uncommon for him to respond to someone before first listening to everything they had to say. When asked a question, it's routine for him to collect his thoughts for a second or two before attempting to respond. Because of these personality traits, Itae is usually drowned out by more outgoing, obnoxious ninja, and if he's interrupted a number of times will usually lose his nerve and refuse to speak to the person whatsoever.

Itae also has an extremely active imagination, which he uses both in battle in order to overcome obstacles while on his mission, and in the workshop, to better outfit his puppets. Many of his puppets feature unorthodox weapons, as well as creative solutions to the problem of storage space within the puppet itself.

During battle, as Itae is normally hidden away somewhere while he works his puppet, he is still, silent, and focused, the only thing giving away that he is alive at all being the ceaseless twitching of his fingers. During direct conflict, however, Itae always seems to be rather hectic. As a puppeteer, Itae prefers to fight at a distance, and has trouble coping with confrontations that happen at close-range.

The things that put-off Itae the most are blunt, straight-forward, and honest people. Perhaps because of his nature as a puppeteer, Itae is used to interacting with people using indirect means; his puppets are more often observed at social gatherings than he is, and due to his reclusive nature, he does prefer conversation through the written word rather than spoken means. Because of this, Itae is easily flustered and perplexed by people who can easily and passionately respond to something, while he has to carefully consider his thoughts in order to choose the correct thing to say.

History Edit

Not yet revealed.

Abilities Edit

Itae is capable of incredibly dexterous finger-work, be it when he is constructing his puppets, operating them, or weaving, creating cloth, and all his other ninja tools. He is especially adept at analyzing situations from a distance and calmly devising solutions to them. While he suffers in areas such as Taijutsu and Genjutsu, Itae's use of the puppet technique is incredibly skilled, and is used in such a way that generally makes up for those two weaknesses.

General Skills Edit

Notable Tailor and Blacksmith: Itae's tailoring skills are used in order to dress his puppets, as well as himself, appropriately for whatever upcoming mission he happens to be going on. With a reference, Itae displays great accuracy in regards to replicating any kind of clothing or cloth he needs to, enabling him to disguise both himself and his puppets with ease. His blacksmithing skills are commonly used to construct custom weapons for his puppets, and, occasionally, tools for other villagers.

Mechanical Knowledge and Expertise: Obviously, as a puppeteer, it's easy to assume Itae has a great deal of know-how for all things mechanical. Besides his practical use of this ability to construct his puppets, Itae is also able to analyze and duplicate other machinations; simply by observing one for a few minutes, Itae can deduce how it works, which pieces do what, and how to improve the overall design of the device in question. While not the foremost expert of such things in Sunagakure, his expertise is notable.

Puppeteer Edit

Attempting to follow in the footsteps of past puppeteers, Itae is an experienced puppeteer in his own right, and it is nearly his entire basis as a ninja. He personally creates the puppets he manipulates in battle, and has a profound understanding of their inner-workings, how they operate and the most efficient to use them. His affinity for mechanical inquiry and his own prowess at the use of the Puppet Technique, Itae does have a bit of an advantage over other puppeteers, and is also easily able to identify a puppet attempting to disguise itself as a person.

Itae has trained himself to extend his Chakra Strings over abnormally long distances so long as he is remaining motionless and focused on doing so, and his fighting style reflects such. Itae will settle down somewhere, hidden, and become entirely still before beginning to use his jutsu. Because of this, he boasts incredibly large amounts stamina while still, and is capable of using his Puppet Technique for an elongated period of time. Unfortunately, because of this, when engaged in a direct confrontation, Itae panics and uses up his stamina much faster than usual. His panicked nature when fighting close-range also effects the movements of his puppets, and will create a notable lag when he is attempting to maneuver them.

Kara Edit

Kara (空, Kara, lit. Blank; Emptiness) is the main Puppet of Itae Umibouzu. It was the first puppet Itae ever created, and remains the most versatile. Kara's most distinguishing features are it's lack of features. Kara is nearly identical to human-sized wooden mannequin. Kara was designed with the intention for it to be easily modifiable; Itae commonly uses his tailoring abilities, along with his mechanical knowledge, to disguise Kara so it can blend in with wherever his missions may take him. Given a reference, Itae is able to disguise Kara to look like whomever he pleases it to; down to the most minute details, Kara will completely resemble who or whatever it is intended to. Silicon is added onto the wooden base in order to synthesize skin, while glass eyes mimic the eyes of the intended target and wigs are used to simulate the hair. The clothing is manufactured by Itae at his workshop.

Because of the necessity for it to easily modifiable, Itae possesses any number of face-plates, limbs, and torsos in order for it to more closely copy it's intended target. Each one is outfitted with a standard set of weapons, but for missions Itae will commonly add a more specific arsenal in order to adapt to the enviorment Kara will be performing in.

Kara is not without it's flaws. It is unable to synthesize the voice of it's target, and the use of some of it's finer weapons will rip the synthetic skin it is using to disguise itself. Doujutsu users will easily be able to see the Chakra threads used to manipulate Kara, and another skilled puppeteer may also be able to recognize it as a puppet.

While the weapons Kara will carry varies from mission to mission, there are a number Kara is always equipped with:

  • A large, poison-tipped blade that is thrust out from Kara's chest, commonly used to impale targets Kara is close to, or grappling with. The poison dulls the sense and if left untreated over for a long period of time will eventually kill the target.
  • Smoke bombs ejected from the mouth, used to either blind opponents, or poison them, in the case of when Itae decides to use mustard gas. Coloration is added to the gas so Itae can effectively avoid it, if need be.
  • After ejecting an eye, Kara can fire poison-tipped senbon from launchers hidden in the eye-sockets.
  • In the neck, after the head has been removed, a weighted net used to capture targets Itae has been assigned to. The net retracts back to Kara after launching, and Itae can send an electric current through the line, to prevent captured targets from freeing themselves by stunning them.
  • Poisoned wrist blades, designed so that, after use, the layer of synthetic skin appears undisturbed.
  • And lastly, a self-destruct mechanism in the center of the torso, in the form of a large ball of explosive tags. The explosion can kill those too close to it, and in confined areas, has a much larger blast radius and, even if it misses with the initial explosion, is able to kill those in the vicinity through asphyxiation.

Sogekihei Edit

Sogekihei (狙撃兵, Sogekihei, lit. "Sharpshooter") is the second of Itae's puppets, and not one he commonly uses, and is generally stored in a scroll. Rather than being used for subterfuge, Sogekihei is more commonly used for assassination meant to happen at long-distances, or to ambush enemies from far away. Unlike with Kara, Itae remains in a close-proximity to Kogekihei when using it, usually right next to it. Kogekihei, when not in combat, is a large, heavy puppet, incapable of being lifted off the ground with chakra strings. It's entire body is covered by an excessively bulky black cloak, and it's head is notable for the singular yellow eye located in the center of it's head, and it's mouth, which is quite large and nearly extends all the way around the head; only a small part of the back of the head is used to hinge the jaw to the upper part of the skull. Perhaps the most noteworthy trait of Sogekihei is that is is steel-plated, rather than being made entire of wood.

Sogekihei's namesake is the rifle it forms by detaching it's left arm and connecting it to the stump of it's right arm; forming a large, bulky cannon with a ridiculously long barrel, that is meant to be fired over long distance and kill enemies with a single hit. It's single eye is capable of zooming in a considerable distance in order to spy and track targets, and it's legs detach claws that dig into the ground in order to reduce recoil from the cannon. Sogekihei is only capable of firing a single shot of high-powered and compressed Chakra before having to both cool-down and be re-outfitted with another battery. When unsure of what difficulties a mission may entail, Itae will usually bring Kara with him rather than a wealth of replacement shells for Sogekihei. Unlike Kara, Sogekihei possesses no other weaponry, it's incredible weight only attributed to the need for a way to reduce recoil.

Tools and Equipment Edit

Besides his puppets, Itae does not generally carry many Ninja tools. He forgoes the personal use of kunai and projectile weapons in favor of having his puppets use them, and as he is a poor close-range combatant, it is practically pointless for him to weigh himself down with tools he is not proficient at using in the first place. One, and perhaps the only tool that Itae has been observed using is a summoning scroll, in order to transport his puppets without attracting suspicion, as well as to carry replacement ammunition for any mechanisms inside his puppets that use some form of projectile.

Trivia Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Itae was made for use as a stealthy ninja, rather than a Naruto ninja. It was made because of another author's point that ninja should ninja. I've also always loved puppets and puppeteers in the Narutoverse, so yay, puppets! I made this character with the intention for him to grow over time, and perhaps add to his arsenal of puppets, but you never know, this might end up being the completed product.