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This page serves the single purpose of holding all the various icons used on this wiki. Whether it be nature icons such as fire, icons for villages and countries or even kekkei genkai/tōta, hiden techniques or anything else found within the Naruverse. All are found here, so please keep this list updated. Thank you.

Nature icons

This ranges from canon to fanon natures.

  • Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire icon.
  • Nature Icon Earth.svg Earth icon.
  • Nature Icon Wind.svgWind icon.
  • Nature Icon Water.svg Water icon.
  • Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning icon.
  • Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang icon.
  • Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin icon.
  • Nature Icon Yin–Yang.svg Yin-Yang icon.
  • Aether Release% 28SL% 29 Icon.png Aether icon.
  • Nature Icon Smoke and Ash.svg Ash & Smoke icon.
  • Nature Icon Crystal.svg Crystal icon.
  • Nature Icon Blaze.svg Blaze icon.
  • Nature Icon Dark.svg Dark icon.
  • Nature Icon Dust.svg Dust icon.
  • Nature Icon Explosion.svg Explosion icon.
  • Nature Icon Ice.svg Ice icon.
  • Nature Icon Magnet.svg Magnet icon.
  • Nature Icon Scorch.svg Scorch icon.
  • Nature Icon Swift.svg Swift icon.
  • Nature Icon Steel.svg Steel icon.
  • Nature Icon Storm.svg Storm icon.
  • Nature Icon Light.svg Light icon.
  • Nature Icon Moon.png Moon icon
  • Nature Icon Mind.jpg Mind icon.
  • Nature Icon Wood.svg Wood icon.
  • Nature Icon Acid.svg.png Acid icon.
  • Nature Icon Cloud.png Cloud icon.
  • Nature Icon Bacteria.svg Bacteria icon.
  • Nature Icon Pulse.svg Pulse icon.
  • Nature Icon Boil.svg.png Boil icon.
  • Nature Icon Lava.png Lava Icon.
  • Nature Icon Nihil.png Nihil icon.
  • Nature Icon Frost.png Frost icon.
  • Nature Icon Quake.png Quake Icon.
  • Nature Icon Void.png Void icon.
  • Nature Icon Wuji.png Wuji icon.
  • Nature Icon Blood.png Blood icon.
  • 100px-Nature Icon Scald svg.png Scald icon.
  • Nature Icon Velocity.svg Velocity icon.
  • Flora Icon.svg Floral Icon.

Dōjutsu icons

This includes the icons for various dōjutsu, both fanon and canon.

  • Byakugan.svg Byakugan icon
  • Sōgankyō Byakugan Symbol.png Sōgankyō Byakugan icon
  • Tenseigan Symbol.svg Tensigan icon
  • D9ydi2q-215f4607-4a7d-4d49-96d6-88ecd0f40088.png Purple Tenseigan icon
  • Tenshogan.png Activated Tenshogan.png Tenshōgan icon
  • Rinnegan.svg Rinnegan icon.
  • Sharingan.png Sharingan icon.
  • Maakasu's Mangekyou.svg Shisui Mangekyō Sharingan icon.
  • 300PX-~1.PNG Izuna Mangekyō Sharingan icon.
  • Kekkei genkei eye.jpg Burittsuai kekkei genkai icon.
  • Third stage burittsuai.jpg Kesshō Burittsu kekkei genkai icon.
  • Dōjutsu Uchiha Ancestor.svg Uchiha Ancestor dōjutsu icon.
  • Ten-Tails Eye.svg Ten-Tailed Beast icon.
  • 106a82291e489a1d78aa43934f853c8229c0e82dr1-1536-2048v2 hq (3).jpg Tsukigan icon.
  • Eye of Rikudō.svg Sage of the Six Paths icon.
  • Shintōgan Full Transparent.png Shintōgan icon
  • Shukaku Eye.svg Shukaku icon.
  • Daijagan2.png Daijagan icon.
  • Daijagan1.png Kyoufushou Daijagan icon.
  • Zengoranme icon.jpg Zengoranme icon.
  • Dcgxlbv-b06e85ff-af7b-4494-9d53-a33518f843bd.png Tensei Byakugan icon

Land icons

This ranges from the Land of Fire, Lightning etc.

  • Land of Fire Symbol.svg Land of Fire icon.
  • Land of Iron Symbol.svg Land of Iron icon.
  • Land of Earth Symbol.svg Land of Earth icon.
  • Land of Lightning Symbol.svg Land of Lightning icon.
  • Land of Water Symbol.svg Land of Water icon.
  • Land of Wind Symbol.svg Land of Wind icon.
  • Land of Whirlpools Symbol.svg Land of Whirlpools icon.
  • Land of Hot Water Symbol.svg Land of Hot Water icon.
  • Land of Forests Symbol.svg Land of Forests icon.
  • Land of Frost Symbol.svg Land of Frost icon.
  • Land of the Sky Symbol.svg Land of the Sky icon.
  • Land of Woods Symbol.svg Land of Woods icon.
  • Land of Rivers Symbol.svg Land of Rivers icon.
  • Land of Wolves Symbol.png Land of Wolves icon.
  • Land of Bears Symbol.svg.png Land of Bears icon.
  • Land of Demons Symbol.svg Land of Demons icon.
  • Land of Stone Symbol.png Land of Stone icon.
  • Land of the Sea Symbol.svg Land of the Sea icon.
  • Land of Tao.png Land of Tao icon.
  • Land of Zen Symbol.png Land of Zen icon.
  • Land of Winter Symbol.png Land of Winter icon.

Village icons

This includes all the hidden villages and their respective symbols.

  • Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure icon.
  • Sunagakure Symbol.svg Sunagakure icon.
  • Amegakure Symbol.svg Amegakure icon.
  • Kumogakure Symbol.svg Kumogakure icon.
  • Iwagakure Symbol.svg Iwagakure icon.
  • Kirigakure Symbol.svg Kirigakure icon.
  • Uzushiogakure Symbol.svg Uzushiogakure icon.
  • Otogakure Symbol.svg Otogakure icon.
  • Takigakure Symbol.svg Takigakure icon.
  • Kusagakure Symbol.svg Kusagakure icon.
  • Yugakure Symbol.svg Yugakure icon.
  • Hoshigakure Symbol.svg Hoshigakure icon.
  • Getsugakure Symbol.svg Getsugakure icon.
  • Morigakure Symbol.svg Morigakure icon

Clan icons

This is for any clans with there own icons.

  • Nara Symbol.svg Nara clan icon.
  • Nisshōkirite.png Katsuragi clan icon.
  • Senju Symbol.svg Senju clan icon
  • Yuki Symbol.svg Yuki clan icon.
  • Suzuki.svg Suzuki clan icon.
  • Mikoto Clan.png Mikoto clan icon.
  • HitokageClan.jpg Kagehoko clan icon.
  • Hazure.svg Hazure clan icon.
  • Akumu.svg Akumu clan icon.
  • SatonakaCrest.jpg Amaterasu clan icon.
  • Uchiha Symbol.svg Uchiha clan icon.
  • Uzumaki Symbol.svg Uzumaki clan icon.
  • Yagami Crest.png Yagami clan icon.
  • Aburame Symbol.svg Aburame clan icon.
  • Akimichi Symbol.svg Akimichi clan icon.
  • Fūma Symbol.svg Fūma clan icon.
  • Inuzuka Symbol.svg Inuzuka clan icon.
  • Hōzuki Symbol.svg Hōzuki clan icon.
  • Hyūga Symbol.svg Hyūga clan icon.
  • Kaguya Symbol.svg Kaguya clan icon.
  • Sarutobi Symbol.svg Sarutobi clan icon.
  • Yamanaka Symbol.svg Yamanaka clan icon.
  • Yotsuki Symbol.svg Yotsuki clan icon.
  • Nagakura Family symbol.jpg Nagakura clan icon.
  • Kano Clan symbol.jpg Kanō clan icon.
  • Gobetsu clan.png Gobetsu clan icon.
  • Sesshougawa Symbol.png Sesshōgawa clan icon.
  • Shinja .png Shinja clan icon.
  • Misuteri Clan Symbol.jpg Misuteri Clan icon.
  • Ry% 3F Symbol.png Ryū Clan icon
  • % 3Ftsutsuki Symbol.png Ōtsutsuki Clan main family icon
  • Yoshida Clan.png Yoshida Clan icon

Rank icons

These are for Jōnin, Genin etc.

  • ANBU Symbol.svg ANBU icon.
  • Jōnin Symbol.svg Jōnin Icon.
  • Chūnin Symbol.svg Chūnin Icon.
  • Genin Symbol.svg Genin Icon.

Miscellaneous icons

This section is for other symbols with no real category.

  • Akatsuki Symbol.svg Akatsuki icon.
  • Guardian Ninja Symbol.svg Guardian Ninja Symbol icon.
  • Cursed Seal Sasuke & Anko.svg Cursed Seal Sasuke + Anko icon.
  • Cursed Seal Hyūga (Manga).svg Cursed Seal Hyūga icon.
  • Seven.jpg Seven Ninja Swordsman icon.
  • Male.svg Male icon.
  • Gender Female.svg Female icon.
  • Ry% 3Fchi Cave Symbol.png Snake Sage icon
  • Toad Symbol.svg.png Toad Sage icon.
  • Allied Shinobi Forces Symbol.png Allied Shinobi Forces icon.
  • White Snake Cult Symbol.png White Snake Cult icon.
  • Medical Teams Symbol.svg Medical Teams icon.
  • Asmodai Clan Symbol.png East Blue Conglomerate icon.
  • Shinja no Toride Symbol.png Shinja no Toride icon.
  • Daikaku-ji Symbol.png Daikaku-ji Temple icon.
  • Weibao Symbol.png Wèi bào icon.

Behind the scenes

All (well, almost all) images here were created by ShounenSuki. As such, he deserves credit for said icons, not us of Naruto Fanon Wiki.