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Naiō Aizen
Naio Aizen
Name Aizen Naiō
Kanji 靄然内奥
Personal Status
Gender Male
Height 160cm (5'3")
Weight 51.7 kg (120lbs).
Blood Type B-
Hometown Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
Home Country Land of Earth Symbol Land of Earth
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Nuke-nin
Previous Occupation Shinobi
Family Deceased
Rank S-rank
Classification Jinchūriki
Tailed Beasts Yonbi no Sun Wukong
Nature Type Lava Release Lava Release
There is no desire for revenge, only yearning for a means of escape.
- Junior

Aizen Naiō (靄然内奥, Naiou Aizen; Hovering like Clouds, Betrayal) is the current Jinchūriki of the Four-Tailed Monkey King, Son Gokū. The vessel was chosen to fit the mantle due to his unimaginable nigeria in chakra control, which allowed his mother to seal the beast within him at the cost of her own life and with no inflicting trauma upon the child. And though his chakra was suitable to contain the beast he had no loyalty toward the tyrannical dictatorship of Iwagakure, his faith misplaced; Aizen was betrayed multiple times by his father, lied to in the form of the death of his former sensei, watching it before his very eyes and several botched missions due to Ōnoki's stubbornness.

Fed up with the lack of trust, Aizen knowingly fled from the Land of Earth and to Ishigakure - akin to how Ishigakure fled from the rule of those in Iwagakure shortly after the conclusion of the Second Shinobi World War. Misguided and lost, Aizen allowed Son Gokū to awaken itself from deep within the bowels of his being; decimating multiple ANBU Divisions that had attempted to bring him back to the Land of Earth. During the brief stint in which the Four Tails had total control it struck up a deal with the youthful Jinchūriki. Find my Brothers and We Shall Rise the beast said, and so after the seal reset he took off and made his sole purpose the acquisition of other Jinchūriki. Though his headquarters are in Ishigakure, he travels the Ninja Continent searching relentlessly for the Brothers of the Bijū, and by attachment, his own.

Now residing in Ishigakure he is vehemently hunted by multiple villages and countries. Much in spite of Iwagakure he was added to the Bingo Book, promptly making Ōnoki appear weak for having lost such a prized possession. What followed was endless games of cat-and-mouse; Aizen alluding capture on a daily basis in order to prolong his life. Many are wary of the intention of Bijū and for just reasons no less. However having been lied to the entirety of his life he has come to the ultimate conclusion that only the ancient Monkey Sage King can provide him with salvation from the pain that plagued him for much of his young life. He is desperately motivated to find the remaining Tailed Beast and obtain a sliver of peace to maintain an idealistic fantasy.






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