Poru Aijin(formerly Uchiha) is a the son of Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha, and the older brother of Sarada Uchiha, Sasare Uchiha, and Jēmuzu Uchiha. He is the master of several justus, is a master in Bushido, and is an Anbu BlackOp for the Hidden Leaf. He even is the Jinchurki of the mighty Eleven-tails.

History Edit

Early life Edit

When Poru was a baby his father sealed the Four and Seven-tails inside of him creating the Eleven-tails. Poru grew close to his mother and greatly admired the Seventh Hokage. While his parents were investigating about what the threat greater than the Black Zetsu was, Poru lived with the Seventh Hokage and his wife, Lady Hinata. Growing very close to the family, Poru did all he could to try to integrate himself into their household hoping never to leave it. He did everything from doing tons of chores to sucking up. Lady Hinata saw what he was doing, and took him aside to tell him that his parents were the ones he belonged with. Lady Hinata and Poru grew very close after that. Pretty soon, Poru's parents, Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha, came home with Poru's little sister, Sarada, and Sarada's twin brother and Poru's little brother, Sasare. Poru thought his little sister was a baby doll his mother had purchased at the store. He continued to think this until his mother let him feed Sarada. Poru's mother made Poru promise to protect her no matter what. Poru agreed and promised.

Jutsu Edit

  • Chakra-enhanced Strength
  • Summoning: Komodo Dragon
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Eleven-tails Chakra mode
  • Flying thunder god technique
  • Samurai Art: Thousand Blades of Crushing Lightning
  • Eleven-Tailed Beast Mode Susanoo
  • Bujutsu: Heavenly Light Skin Armor Jutsu
  • Bujutsu: Electrical Blinding Light Charge Jutsu

Kekkei Genkai Edit

  • Sharingan
  • Magic Release(Mana)
  • Light Release

Unique Traits Edit

  • can transform into animals

Tools Edit

Relationships Edit

Sarada Uchiha Edit

Poru did occasionally tease his little sister, but while in exile he found a new appreciation for her. He now values her company, and loves her to bits. He cares for her so much. Loving her to death, and at one point almost dying for her.

Arisu Myukabaki Edit

Arisu is Poru's wife. She and him met when Poru stayed at the Lucky Dragon Inn on his way back from exile. Arisu was petulant towards him at first, but then she saw how vunerable he was. She decided he needed her support, and they fell in love. They married and had a daughter named Sekushi. Arisu cares for Poru, and he tries to give her as much love as he can and respect her. They share a very strong bond and love each other very much.