This article, Pulse Release: Repulse, is the property of Jet.

Pulse Release: Repulse
Pulse Repulse
Name Pulse Release: Repulse
Kanji 動遁・撃退
Classification Kekkei Tōta, Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Range Short, Mid, Long
Hand Seals Dragon → Boar → Dog
Other Jutsu

By expanding the inertia field around him to greater distances, the user can then impart the kinetic energy absorbed from incoming attacks to and objects or beings coming in contact with the field. This causes the object to be pushed away in a direction of the user's choosing at speeds depending on the amount of kinetic energy imparted via the field and the mass of the objects in question. This technique can be used defensively to repel objects launched towards a user or offensively to launch high speed projectiles at his enemies. This form of application of this technique is normally used for offensive purposes whereas when it is to be used offensively the user can opt to transfer kinetic energy by physically coming in contact with the object. Thus he can launch projectiles by coming in contact with them and imparting the kinetic energy to them which increases their speed.