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"If I kill bad people, I will be comparing myself to them because as long as they are alive, they can still change. However, I believe that the moment a person wastes that hope that I put in him, he does not deserve forgiveness regardless of what he does next."
— Rokishi Uchiha for Hiyakan Uzumaki

"I take advantage of my enemies, not the other way around. I will take advantage of this Curse of Hatred and make it give me power, normally in return she would want my sanity but... Who said she is strong enough to steal it from me?"
— Rokishi Uchiha for Anko Mitarashi

Rokishi Uchiha
Name Rokishi Uchiha
Kanji うちはロキシ
Romanji Uchiha Rokishi
Voice Actor
Personal Status
Birthdate April 28
Age Part 1: 11-12 years
Part 2: 14-19 years
Boruto: 31-32 years
Gender Male
Height Part 1: 154.9 cm - 156.2 cm
Part 2: 170 cm
Boruto: 186 cm
Weight Part 1: 42.4 kg - 47.5 kg
Part 2: 54.9 kg - 60 kg
Boruto: 67.3 kg
Blood Type O+
Hometown Imagem 2021-01-25 182906.png Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Imagem 2021-01-25 191237.png Uchiha Clan
Imagem 2021-01-25 182906.png Konohagakure
Land of Ancestors Symbol.png Land of Ancestors
S% 3Fmbolo For% 3Fas Aliadas.jpg Allied Shinobi Forces
Occupation SemGohonin títuklo.jpg Ryōnin
Ryōnin Leader and Administrator
S% 3Fmbolo Pol% 3Fcia Militar.jpg Captain of the Konoha Military Police Force
Team Konoha Genin
S% 3Fmbolo Pol% 3Fcia Militar.jpg Konoha Military Police Force
Previous Team Team Anko
Sasuke and Nikku Recovery Team
Kazekage Rescue Team
Hanabi Rescue Team
Partner Hiyakan Uzumaki
Nikku Erekuto
Family Haruki Uchiha (Dad)
Wakasu Uchiha (Mother)
Nikku (Wife)
Sutorī Uchiha (Son)
Kotono Uchiha (Son)
Yumi Uchiha (Adopted daughter)
Minato Uchiha (Son)
Shirayuki Uchiha (Daughter)
Hashiki Ōtsutsuki (Adopted daughter)
Clan Imagem 2021-01-25 191237.png Uchiha Clan
Rank Rank SS
Classification Sage
Ninja Registration 028042
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 13
Kekkei Genkai Símbolo Sharingan Triplo.png Sharingan
GRAMDERelic Badge-removebg-preview.jpg Mangekyō Sharingan
Ketton sobre Ketton.png Plasma Release
Imagem 2021-01-25 192141.png Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
Hiden Techniques Gentle Fist
Nature Type S% 3Fmbolo Futon.png Wind Style
S% 3Fmbolo Suiton.png Water Style
S% 3Fmbolo Katon.png Fire Style
S% 3Fmbolo Raiton.png Lightning Style
Símbolo Doton.png Earth Style
S% 3Fmbolo Inton.png Dark Style
Jutsu Circle Wind Dance
Silent Killing
Water Release: Water Beast
Transformation Jutsu
Clone Jutsu
Substitution Jutsu
Water Prison Jutsu
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Demonic Illusion: Death Mirage Jutsu
Teleportation Jutsu
Sharingan Mode
Lightning Blade Kunai Cutter
Water Style: Suireiha
Flying Turn Slash
Water Style: Hidden Drizzle Jutsu
Fire Style: Flaming Meteors
Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang
Illusion Jutsu: Unsighting Jutsu
Killing Intent
Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu
Manji Formation
Genjutsu: Sharingan
Ball of Light Technique
Plasma Style: Lightning Jutsu
Plasma Style: Santelmo Fire Jutsu
Plasma Style: Ion Thruster Jutsu
Plasma Style: Heat Shield Jutsu
Plasma Style: Ionosphere Jutsu
Summoning Jutsu
Tree Climbing Jutsu
Shadow Shuriken Jutsu
Plasma Style: Globular Ray Jutsu
Plasma Style: Plasma Screen Jutsu
Fire Style: Majestic Hurricane
Plasma Style: Aurora Polar Jutsu
Walk on Water Technique
Plasma Style: Wisp Jutsu
Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Plasma Style: Star Sun Jutsu
Plasma Style: Solar Wind Jutsu
Plasma Style: Nebula Jutsu
Plasma Style: Laser Jutsu
Plasma Style: Transient Light Event Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Plasma Style: Accretion Discs Jutsu
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Susanoo: Shinseinokami
Eight Sign Seal
Flying Raijin Jutsu
Flying Raijin Slice
Mangekyō Sharingan
Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death
Chakra Transfer Technique
Neutral Chakra Style: Blade of the Nine Sages Jutsu
Wind Style: Vacuum Bullets
Weapons Shuriken
Flying Thunder God Kunai
Kunai Blade

Rokishi Uchiha (う ち は ロ キ シ, Uchiha Rokishi) is a Konohagakure shinobi who along with his father Haruki and Sasuke, is one of the survivors of the Uchiha Clan after the Uchiha Clan Downfall, which survived after an agreement that his father, Haruki Uchiha made with Itachi during the massacre ordered by Danzō. Initially, Rokishi was a good person, lively and proud of people, during battles his personality changed and became cold and calculating but the pride remained, he always had in mind the dream of being a shinobi since he is understood by people, and even after feeling the pain of his entire clan being slaughtered, thanks to his father, Rokishi never thought of treading the path of revenge, but rather becoming stronger and stronger to reach his goal. He ended up being placed on Team Anko at age 12 alongside Nikku and Hiyakan Uzumaki, after learning that his father had died and Nikku had deserted the village, Rokishi became someone lonely and reclusive obsessed with getting stronger, but always being faithful to your village. In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Rokishi was extremely essential in weakening the Ten-Tails and knocking him out, saving the lives of thousands of innocents and becoming recognized as a hero after the end of the war. Years after Nikku returned to the village and settled with everyone, they get married and have 6 children together.


At 3 years old, Rokishi was very nice to everyone, the adults who knew him used to say that he liked to sit near the door of some buildings or hotels, to greet and talk to people who passed by the door, it was contagious to talk to him, and he liked to cheer up and listen to people. His best friend in the Uchiha Clan was Sasuke Uchiha, who had his childhood memories erased together after the Uchiha Clan Downfall. He liked to play with Sasuke and with other friends in the schoolyard like Kiba, Kazushi and Choji, sometimes he also liked to rest and watch the clouds with Shikamaru, other times he also talked and played with Naruto, since he he saw that Naruto was excluded. At that time Rokishi already hated injustices, since he did not accept leaving Naruto alone on the swing. Rokishi also liked to help people, seen when he decided to help Hinata to become stronger. At that age, Rokishi was already fully aware of things, like love, marriage, dating, death and etc ... So much so that he said he was in love with his classmate Nikku, who was as skilled as he was, something that attracted Rokishi.

He was also very proud and of a narcissistic personality at that time, this is thanks to his abilities, as much as he could not show any ability of the Uchiha Clan in front of people, at that time Rokishi was skilled enough to use his hidden sharingan, and with the help of clones, he managed to copy several techniques simultaneously, which made him extremely strong for his age, being considered a prodigy and called “The Next Minato”.

After his father's death, Rokishi became a recluse of society, and despite the insistence of his friends, he had a very strong personality and was extremely confused by all this, in a moment while arguing with Nikku, he ended up having an existential crisis. saying: “shinobi’s life is false, it’s a scam. All of this is just to manipulate us and neither I, you, my father nor anyone else sees it. We are just puppets of the adults who rule us, they put us in wars that they are afraid to fight, exactly… Wars are only adults who hate each other but fear death, so they put children who do not hate each other to fight, claiming that it's all for the village, everything for… 'Will of Fire', it's all a lie ... I hate the Will of Fire, and I hate being a shinobi ”, however, these questions did not last for a short time, as they all left after the sincere embrace of Nikku who listened to everything in silence, while trying to comfort him and bring him back to reality.

After these events, Rokishi would return to what it was before, until the moment when Nikku decided to desert the village. A team was formed to bring her back, Rokishi was completely focused on finding Nikku walked, he was not friendly, he did not talk, he just did what had to be done to bring Nikku back. In a final fight against him, he loses and his inflatable ego is completely shaken, and this is his biggest personality change, where he himself is fully aware of this, he became colder and closed to everyone including friends, against enemies he continues cold and calculating, but now he had become much more cruel, claiming that if someone who pains others in some way (directly or indirectly) exists, he is under obligation to kill him in cold blood and without mercy, the same goes for for Nikku who is no longer his friend and beloved, but a renegade traitor who deceived him all this time, now he aims to stay strong, find her and kill her at any cost, which is what he tried when she appeared in Konohagakure during the Pain's Assault, going to the point of mocking and ridiculing Naruto for wanting to bring Sasuke back instead of killing him.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Nikku finally manages to regain his confidence at the moment when he almost unites with Obito and Madara to create a reality of endless dreams, where no one would suffer what he suffered, he just wasn't because Nikku again brought him back to reality, and after that he still sacrificed his life to save him, which he realized that Nikku's intentions were good again, gradually making Rokishi have his hyperactive and friendly personality that had before so many misfortunes.

Years after the war, Rokishi finally opens up completely to Nikku saying everything he feels, being visibly nervous even trying to avoid that side. Today he is 33 years old, Rokishi is happy and is slowly returning to his initial personality, alongside Nikku, his friends and his family.


Wakasu Uchiha

Wakasu is Rokishi's mother, he never got to know her, only in dreams. She died of an illness shortly after she gave birth to Rokishi, yet Rokishi has seen her in dreams to help him, he doesn't know exactly what that means or how it is possible since he didn't remember her, but she always appears to give you the best advice. In the fourth war, she appeared as Edo Tensei and although the two of them had to fight, she was very proud that her son had become someone so strong, just as Rokishi was also extremely shaken to have had to fight against his mother, even though he was not. demonstrating on the battlefield.

Haruki Uchiha

Rokishi's father almost never stayed with him, since his wife died he would have to support Rokishi alone, thus continuing his life as a shinobi to earn money. They didn't talk much when they met, Rokishi knew almost nothing about his father just as his father knew almost nothing about him, but they still loved each other, since they only had the other in that world, so when his father left, Rokishi's Anyway, he felt extremely shaken and I felt empty inside. Again in the fourth war, he reunited with his father in the form of Edo Tensei, and even though he was very sad to fight him, he did not hesitate to face him.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke was Rokishi's only friend in the Uchiha Clan, however, after the clan was slaughtered, Rokishi was convinced to erase Sasuke's memory of any and all relationships with him using the Sharingan genjutsu he created, Illusion Jutsu: Mischief Jutsu, doing so would not risk Sasuke revealing that they Rokishi and his father were from the Uchiha clan, since Danzo and Itachi's agreement was that only Sasuke would leave as a survivor. After that, Rokishi and Sasuke started to dislike each other, but have been working together nowadays, which shows that maybe the friendship that they had will come back.

Hinata Hyūga

Hinata despite being currently married to Naruto, in childhood she and Rokishi were very close, Rokishi witnessed HInata being verbally assaulted by children when they were 3 years old, as well as saw Naruto trying to help her, after that Rokishi who was already very skilled tried to help Hinata to become much stronger than she was, so the two started training together and with that they built a strong friendship relationship between Uchiha and Hyuga that has never been seen before, over time this friendship grew and they were becoming closer and stronger together, like when Hinata took him to her house to ask her father's permission to continue training. Nowadays, they are not so close anymore as each has their own family and duties to do, but sometimes they usually meet to train or just talk and eat something.

Neji Hyūga and Watari Hyūga

Rokishi met these two hyuga after going to Hinata's house to ask for permission to continue training her, after getting Hiashi's respect he started to train at Hinata's house and consequently ended up training with Neji and Watari who were the most geniuses from the Hyuga Clan personally trained by Hiashi, the father of HInata. Although Rokishi was secretly the only different one, everyone there was a friend despite the fact that both Rokishi and Watari and Neji tried to deny it. This is most evident when Neji dies on the battlefield, and it is clear that Rokishi is clearly sad. In relation to Watari, nowadays they train together to remember the old days.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Rokishi only saw the third hokage three times, the first was when he had called to witness his skills closely, and the second was when he was supposed to take his shinobi license, and the last was during the first phase of the Chunin Exams, they they never became friends, but it is evident that Rokishi admired Hiruzen very much for his immense ability even though he never believed he would reach one day, being sad when he the third hokage left.


Nikku and Rokishi's relationship was by far the most turbulent Uchiha has ever had. At first, at the age of 3, it was the first time that Rokishi saw her, he thought she was beautiful, nothing more. However, on the day that the Academy's children were put into a Traditional Shinobi Sparring when they were 7 years old, Nikku was put to the test against Hinata Hyuga, where she showed all her talent, Rokishi had been enchanted by the smooth movements that Nikku did it in the air, and with the skill that she wore jutsus, all of this combined with her beauty. Since then, Rokishi has always tried to impress her, although at that time Nikku was aware of Rokishi's surprising achievements, she was never after love interests. The day they were put on the same team, Nikku was really starting to form bonds of friendship with Rokishi, but never realizing how much he really liked her, until Rokishi lost his father, Nikku was the one who consoled and brought Rokishi back to reality, this moment talking alone, was what made her finally start feeling something more for Rokishi, until the day when she decided to desert the village looking for more power to protect her friends, they moved away more than ever at that time and although Nikku still likes Rokishi, he acquired an immense hatred for her, only craving her death for betraying Konohagakure, something that only changed after the Fourth Shinobi War, where Nikku reconciles with Rokishi and his team. Nowadays Nikku is the most important person in Rokishi's life, together with his children obviously. He has a huge affection and appreciation for her, just as she has for him, they have been married for a long time now, they already know a lot about each other and are practically connected psychologically, reaching the point of Rokishi having a full sense of what Nikku will do on the battlefield just by looking at it, without using your Sharingan. The two love each other and would give their lives for each other, without hesitation.

Hiyakan Uzumaki

In the beginning, Rokishi and Hiyakan were rivals, one was the complete opposite of the other, while a Rokishi was a cheerful and hyperactive prodigy, while Hiyakan was a quiet and reserved talent, one always tried to overcome the other, and that was bringing them closer more and more, to the point of being inseparable friends, being able to count on each other both on missions and psychologically, such as when Hiyakan helped Rokishi to overcome the trauma of Nikku's loss, or when Rokishi helped Hiyakan in the loss of his brother, despite each having their own lives and chores today, they still have frequent encounters with their former sensei Anko and Nikku.

Anko Mitarashi

Rokishi didn't know Anko before she became his sensei, despite that they got along really well at first, since Anko was impressed by Rokishi's skills and vice versa, they used to train together with each other, and trusted each other as seen when Rokishi chooses Anko as the first to know that he is from the Uchiha Clan after being forced to use the Sharingan to save his team.

Team Kakashi, Asuma, Gai, Kurenai e Honome

Rokishi has a good relationship with all members of these teams including the sensei, they all have respect for Rokishi as well as Rokishi has for them, since they have known each other since they were little. Especially the Kurenai team, which is the Hinata team that in a moment ended up being introduced and have already done several missions together. Rokishi does not have much intimacy with the other teams except TIme Kurenai and Team Honome, which is made up of two friends, Kazushi and Watari.

Minato Namikaze

Rokishi since he learned about hokages at the Academy, has always had the Fourth Hokage as his favorite hokage, Minato Namikaze and considered himself his biggest fan, despite being an Uchiha. Rokishi gave his all to learn the Flying Raijin Jutsu, since it is not a technique that he could just copy, being the first training he did that was aimed at himself, instead of training others as he always did. In the Fourth Shinobi World War, although he still had his reclusive personality, he was visibly amazed at the perfection in Minato's movements and teleports despite trying to hide his unconditional admiration for Yondaime, and also having the chance to demonstrate his own abilities for the Fourth, that day was marked in Rokishi's memory as “The Best Day of My Life”, despite being in the middle of a war.

Sutorī Uchiha

Rokishi has a very special attachment to Sutorī, as it was his first son named after his father, who despite being different has the same meaning. Sutorī unlike his father is a much more disciplined boy just like Nikku, but despite this he is very proud of his father and sees him as a great shinobi. And despite not having his 0 father's personality, he has many similarities with him as talent, tastes and friends, since like his father, Sutorī is very fond of playing with Himawari, Hinata's daughter and training with Sarada, which makes Rokishi have fond memories of his childhood from the friendship he had with Hinata and Sasuke.

Kotono e Yumi Uchiha

Rokishi's daughter, Yumi is not so attached to him, although Yumi does not respect his father much and is more rebellious, Kotono is smaller and more innocent but still likes his father a lot and trains with him almost every day. Even so, they both love Rokishi despite Yumi spending more time with Nikku, since they always trained with her when she was at home.

Shirayuki e Minato Uchiha

Rokishi has a lot of fun with Shirayuki despite her being a bit of work, since although Shirayuki is quite young, she is already considered beautiful and cute by her classmates, making her receive constant visits and gifts at the boys' home of her class, but despite that, Shirayuki and Rokishi always have a lot of fun together, since after each training session they play video games or go out for ice cream. In relation to Minato, whose name was clearly “inspired” in the Fourth Hokage, he trains every day with Nikku to be proud of his parents and to “honor the name he was given”, although Rokishi and Nikku have already said that he did not needs to try so hard, Minato always ends up giving more than desired and trying too hard in order to please them.

Hashiki Ōtsutsuki

Hashiki is another adopted daughter of Rokishi and Nikku as well as Yumi. Hashiki is clearly an otsutsuki but to this day it is not known why she was sent to Earth, as her memory is extremely vague and damaged. Despite being part of the species that once tried to destroy the Earth, the couple decided to welcome her because she was lost and orphaned, just as they once were, so maybe she wouldn't return to her possible cruel and hostile nature, causing her Hashiki became part of the family, so she says she is forever grateful to both of them, having an unconditional appreciation and affection for them and their brothers, since they saved her from the eminent loneliness. Everyone in the family also has a special affection for her, although she is different from everyone there. Especially Sutorī who despite being very disciplined, at first sight did not accept that Hashiki was part of the family, but later, he ended up becoming her best friend.


At 3 years old, Rokishi still lived with the Uchiha clan, he wore a simple black sleeveless shirt with a collar up to the chin, with a large Uchiha clan symbol on the back, along with a short and dark blue shorts, with a belt tied in shorts with some kunai, on his feet he had yellow galoshes, a relatively simple garment from his clan. His hair was big and spiked up, black in color with a small fringe falling over his face, which went up to his eyebrows also in black color, he has fair skin. At 6-7 years old, he was seen wearing a dark blue shirt with no collar or sleeve, with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back, his shorts went up to the knee, and was also dark blue with white lines on the side of each leg.

At 12-13 years of age after the Uchiha Clan Downfall, Rokishi wore a gray hooded jacket and pocket space, along with dark blue pants and slippers. In addition to his bandana, with the Konohagakure symbol stamped on the metal plate, with very long bands that went more or less up to his waist. The girls at his school considered him handsome, sometimes there were feuds between these two “fandons”, which usually boiled down to fights that neither Sasuke nor Rokishi cared about, but sometimes they went too far and resulted in fights between Rokishi and Sasuke encouraged by them, where Sasuke always lost since at the time Rokishi had already copied many high rank techniques.

At 14-15 years old, he wore a long black cloak, with a long sleeve and collar, similar to the akatsuki but without the red clouds and with different colors. His cloak was constantly open, showing his dark blue shirt, gray pants and a white slipper, at that time Rokishi had relatively dark circles under his eyes, which arose thanks to Nikku's departure along with some of the trauma of his father's loss, which clearly left him on several sleepless nights thinking. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, 19-year-old Rokishi has a huge scar on his belly after being pierced by the Ten-Tails in the war, his clothes haven't changed dramatically, but his physique has become more defined.

As an adult on his wedding day, he was wearing a standard wedding outfit, a black toothpick along with black pants, despite being visibly uncomfortable with that outfit.

Now 32, Rokishi wears the same clothes as his childhood, with changes in size obviously.



Rokishi was born on April 28, where Konohagakure was already partially rebuilt after the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, unfortunately Rokishi's mother died thanks to hemophilia, shortly after giving birth to him. His mother had suffered from this disease for a while and it was a miracle that she survived until she had a child, and another miracle that the disease has not passed on to Rokishi, since it is genetic and is conducive to passing from mothers to sons. Rokishi grew up without his mother, in his family he only had his father, but after 3 years, his father started to leave the house to return to active duty as a shinobi to have money and support Rokishi. Since then Rokishi started to live practically alone and lonely, sometimes getting sad and gradually not being able to bear the feeling of loneliness.

Going to the Academy alone, Rokishi decided that he would try to make friends in order to spend time, despite that he did not have the courage to do so, except with Naruto Uzumaki, who he saw sitting on a swing isolated from the other children. Since he had never been warned to stay away from Naruto, Rokishi approaches and tries to establish a conversation with Naruto, where he reciprocates and they two talk sitting on the swing, and soon after they start playing over a long time, until it starts to snow. strong, and the two say goodbye greeting each other and presenting their names to each other.

While Rokishi returned home through the snow, he ended up seeing some boys verbally attacking Hinata, who he still didn't know who he was, he also watched Naruto defending her, after the whole fight Rokishi realizes how much people are much weaker than him in the world, people he couldn’t always protect as well as the one he just witnessed in front of him. After reflecting on this for a while, Rokishi catches Hinata's attention and is immediately scared, despite this, he is unmoved, introduces himself to Hinata claiming to be the strongest child in Konohagakure, and proposes to her basic training, saying that so she could impress others and would not depend on anyone else, Hinata accepts establishing the beginning of a friendship that would last until today.

After 4 months of training, Rokishi goes to Hinata's house to introduce himself to her father, as Hiashi had said that he couldn't allow Hinata to train with a stranger. After showing his impressive skills to Hiashi and his wife, Hiashi asks him from that day to train in the arena of Hinata's house, and if possible to fight against Neji and Watari so that Hiashi will investigate the skills of both hyūga.

At the age of 7, Rokishi ends up meeting Sasuke on the way to the bakery to prepare his breakfast, knowing about Sasuke being the son of a clan chief, Rokishi formally greets him referring to him as "Son of Master Fugaku", the which leaves Sasuke frustrated at being seen only as Fugaku's son and Itachi's brother, which makes Rokishi relieve himself because he is not very good with formalities, despite being training every day that he goes to Hinata's house. Sasuke is confused but Rokishi tries to guide him again, they end up talking for a while, and a few minutes later end up saying goodbye and promising to meet again. Later they meet again and Sasuke invites him to his home, where he meets Sasuke's parents, Shisui and Itachi, where after a while at the house talking to everyone and playing with Sasuke, Rokishi ends up showing his Sharingan Eye, making people there amazed at Rokishi, making Fugaku propose a Traditional Shinobi Sparring with Itachi, which Rokishi was fully aware of how strong and incredible he was, even hesitating a little, but ended up giving in with his pride speaking louder. Rokishi obviously lost, he was humiliated by Itachi, despite having managed to last much longer than the other people with whom Itachi had a battle, the fight lasted about 8-10 minutes, something surprising for Sasuke.

It was at that time that a fateful night happened. The Uchiha Clan Downfall, where Rokishi was taken from there by his own father, who took him outside the gates of Konohagakure, where there he explained to Rokishi everything that was happening, and which only survived thanks to an agreement between Haruki and Itachi where he would let him and his son live in secret, hiding any and all relationships with the Uchiha Clan so that Danzō would not know that Itachi had broken his promise to leave only Sasuke alive. Knowing that if he disagreed, Haruki could kill him, Itachi agreed and let them go. After that Rokishi awakens the third tomoe of his Sharingan, after seeing this his father always insisted on telling Rokishi that this was not a reason for hatred or revolt, but that regardless of the reason Itachi was a good person who fought for Konohagakure, and should be seen as an example for Rokishi, and that now Rokishi should erase Sasuke's memory so that no information is leaked. This way of thinking of Hikari and so many other philosophies of life that prevented Rokishi from following the path of hatred that Sasuke followed.

Parte 1

Prologue — Mission to Protect Hoshigakure

Rokishi graduated with gennin at age 12 like most of his class, he took his bandana and took out his ninja registration along with his license. After leaving the Academy and seeing the parents hugging their children, he saw Naruto not having the same fate as he did, so he sits next to Naruto and tries to comfort him, even when Mizuki comes up and asks to talk to Naruto, Rokishi retires and after a while is stopped by Hinata who congratulates him for graduating, Rokishi reciprocates Hinata's act by saying that she was also very good, bragging for having trained her very well. Hinata is called by her bodyguard and says goodbye to Rokishi, who goes in search of his teammates to get to know them better, especially Nikku. Rokishi meets Hiyakan, who greets him gently in many formalities, only with a “hello”, which is returned by Rokishi, who asks him where he is Nikku, who comes up with a grand entrance from the trees, posing at in front of the two companions and greeting them kindly with a smile, which makes Rokishi look open-mouthed, which soon falls apart and gives way to a smile with a slightly flushed face.

After a few minutes of presentation, Rokishi ends up talking a lot about his skills, which makes Hiyakan somewhat uncomfortable, not believing that Rokishi could do everything he says, claiming that if so, he could also do the same thing. The two argued saying that one could do such a thing, while Nikku just watched his behavior and laughed. Two snakes emerge from them and almost bite them, but they manage to escape easily, Anko Mitarashi emerges from the sky saying that he can do this, surprising Rokishi, who says he also wanted to control snakes. Anko explains the first mission they will participate in, which will serve as a test, a C rank mission, where they should take Jeidovu, a rare flower with purple petals that sits on top of a hill. Rokishi obviously thinks the mission sucks, saying that he could be assigned a Rank B mission upwards, but he is quickly put in place by Hiyakan, claiming that it is just a test that they would pass quickly. Anko takes them to a location 2 kilometers away from the top of the mountain, where a novice chūnin would take an average of 10 hours to climb to the top considering where they were at the moment. Anko gave them the time they need, when they finish they will meet her at Amaguriama, she turns her back and leaves. Rokishi is the first to start running towards the top of the mountain, aiming to get up there as soon as possible to show Anko that he is capable of doing much more difficult missions than this.

As Team Anko climbs the mountain, there are some imminent dangers like some animals, which are defeated by the team without even shedding a drop of sweat. Upon reaching the top, while looking for Jeidovu, Rokishi ends up finding the flower, being held by a man with long hair, black cloak and an orange mask with black marks, who is turning the flower in front of a small hole in his right eye. Rokishi silently tries to call the rest of the team to see the man lying down. Nikku tries to talk to him gently while wielding his kunai, the man directs his vision to the team, sees Nikku's kunai and in a quick movement, gets up and disarms Nikku with a kick in her hand, and quickly immobilizes her by pointing a kunai at his neck, however, still with Jeidovu in the left hand. Rokishi tries to resolve things peacefully, saying that they didn't want to hurt him, but just wanted a flower to complete a mission, the man stares at them and lets Nikku go, apologizing and handing the flower over to Nikku, talking afterwards her brown eyes reminded them of an old friend. The man turns his back and leaves, before Rokishi asks what his name was, he replies in a high-pitched voice: “My name… I haven't had a name in a long time but… You can call me a masked man or… Tobi, do you find a good name? ”, after that, the man disappears amid a kind of spiral that emerges from his eye. Leaving the team confused and then returning alerts to Konohagakure.

After assessing their performance, Anko directs them to a rank B mission, along with Team Kurenai. The mission included protecting the Meteorite that was in Hoshigakure. On the way to Hoshigakure, the group is attacked by a group of Otogakure ninjas, who are defeated by Rokishi and Hinata, who took the chance to show their skills, including impressing both Anko and Kurenai. After being defeated, the remains of the shinobi are searched, and sneakily summons a snake, which is quickly noticed by Anko, intercepts the summon and takes the man to Konoha to be interrogated by the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force, saying that they they could go ahead without it. The search team comes into action, with the scent of Kiba, the insects of Shino and the vision of Hinata, the teams finally arrive in the Valley of Death, they put on the masks and begin to think of a way to cross it, arriving at conclusion that Shino could make a bridge of insects, when he is about to do that they are attacked by a Ninja Art Kujaku: Cut, and spot a person flying using the Ninja Art Kujaku: Wings.



Since Rokishi wanted to become a shinobi, he has always been an exemplary shinobi, doing everything for Konoha, a cause of envy for other shinobi, a prodigy brat. At the beginning of his career as a ninja, Rokishi already had his Sharingan, and with it several notions of jutsu like Teleportation Jutsu, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu, Lightning Bolt Attack, Silent Killing, Walk on Water Technique, Chakra Enhanced Strength, Wind Release: Air Bullets, among others ... Being a member of the Uchiha Clan, Rokishi was very skilled in several areas of jutsu, the worst of which was genjutsu, which is a bit ironic. After his father's death, Rokishi accidentally awoke his Mangekyō Sharingan, the first time he used it willingly was in the fight against Kamishi in Nozumogakure, where he was of utmost importance thanks to his unique skills. Over time, in the Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown arc, after the constant use of the Mangekyō Sharingan, blindness begins to take over the eyes of Rokishi, who uses the eyes given by his father to replace them, since his father also had the Mangekyō Sharingan. Thus, he unconsciously awakens the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, which gives an increase in his abilities.

Chakra Feats

Rokishi has the largest known chakra reserve in the entire Uchiha Clan, having 4.5 stamina currently in the statistics, and makes good use of that chakra. At the age of 3, Rokishi made his first use of chakra, the Walk on Water Technique without any apparent difficulty. Early in his shinobi career. he was already able to use his sharingan to perfection, as well as all the techniques he has already copied, which proves that he had exceptional chakra control, the best feat of Rokishi's chakra control in childhood was at age 12, when he used his Mangekyō Sharingan on his own, and when he managed to create a giant arm of chakra strong enough to create a clash of forces with the Kamishi Repulsion Technique, and still have enough chakra to use the Flying Raijin Jutsu several times to avoid being caught by the Ghost Dragon.

Using the Sage Mode of Humans, and having access to the Natural Energy, he obviously has a huge increase in his chakra, despite not being in perfect control because he is usually out of control when activating this mode.

In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Rokishi even managed to create the Neutral Chakra Style: Blade of the Nine Sages Jutsu with the rest of his chakra using the chakra previously borrowed from the 9 biju to cut the tails of the Ten-Tails.


Rokishi has always been an example in taijutsu, being very skilled in several areas like the Gentle Fist, Surprise Attack Tactic, Strong Fist and the best of them, the Gentle Fist, which he ended up learning and getting used to training with Hinata for so long. This is evidenced when he knocks down two Konoha chunnins alone without taking a single blow, or when with the help of his sharingan, he is able to subdue more than 45 armed Jashinists without taking a cut. At the age of 14, with the Human Sage Mode, this ability grows considerably, managing to match Kisame Hoshigaki for a while, and later being superior to Itachi Uchiha in the Edo Tensei form. In the Fourth Shinobi World War, he defeated more than 123 Ten-Tails Fission with Sage Mode without the Kurama chakra borrowed from Naruto.


Rokishi, like other Uchiha, is skilled in the use of weapons, especially shurikenjutsu and kenjutsu, although bukijutsu is not his strong point. It can also fuse your chakra or others to use them in weapons, making them stronger.


During part 1, Rokishi was never a big fan of large blades like swords, blades, knives and etc…, But after seeing Kotetsu and Izumo's Kunai Blades, Rokishi insisted that the two teach them how to handle it, and went there that Rokishi really had a big increase in his kenjutsu, going so far as to match Hidan and Kisame in Part 2. But by far, Rokishi’s most amazing ninjutsu feat was the Neutral Chakra Style: Nine Kunai Blade Jutsu Sages, a kenjutsu joining the nine-chakra bijū that Naruto lent him, capable of cutting a good part of six of the ten tails of the Ten-Tails.


Rokishi used shuriken well, he was skilled with them being able to hit moving targets with the use of his Sharingan But in fact, during Part 1, Rokishi always liked to use kunai instead of shuriken on the battlefield, and he was also very skilled with them. After finding the Second Hokage's scriptures about the jutsus he had invented, he discovered that the jutsu used by Minato Namikaze was the Flying Raijin, which was used through kunai. Rokishi tried to replicate this jutsu several times until he reached a result close to Yondaime's jutsu, who was his idol. Since then Rokishi has always been riding with several kunai, and from time to time he trained with Tenten to improve his skills.


Rokishi's strongest point is undoubtedly his ninjutsu. He is one of Konoha's most versatile shinobi, perhaps only behind Kakashi. Still very young, when he was not a shinobi at 5 years old, Rokishi already had full control over all the general skills taught to the children of the academy, Ninja Art: Fantasy Technique, Ninja Art: Shading, Attack Against Weaknesses, Jutsu of Transformation, Water Surface Walking Practice and others were already considered perfectly dominated by Rokishi, according to the teachers, so perfect that they were worthy of someone as skilled as a jōnin.

Nature Transformation

Rokishi for being an Uchiha, already has exceptional control and versatility in the Fire Style since he was a child, the technique of the rite of passage of the Uchiha Clan, the Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu had already been learned by him at the age of 3, since then his skill with katon he only increased and became more versatile, having several skills with him, such as creating spheres of fire, swirls, small flames, blue flames, etc ... as well as variations of the existing Fire Style, something that was not normal for a child who did not it was a genin yet. With the sharingan, Rokishi had already managed to copy four of the five basic elements, in addition to the release of yin to use genjutsu, something that impressed the elderly.

His Wind Style is the other elemental affinity he has, which together with the Fire Style can create explosions far more powerful than normal, which he uses with a shadow clone. In relation to other styles, he is less skilled with them than wind and fire, but he still uses them sometimes when he needs to have an advantage over the enemy.

Like Sasuke, Rokishi can use the transformations of nature alongside his Susano'o, which is even more effective since Rokishi has the Shinsekainokami, an ability that allows him to freely control and shape his susano'o, which he usually creates an armor called Susanoo: Shinsekainokami (ス サ ノ オ 新世界 の 神, English: He with the ability to help the god of the new world by all means), which he can combine with his chakra natures to create a more effective way of hit a specific location, which the common susanoo would not be able to because it is very large.

Rokishi also manages to infuse his chakra with natural energy, which dramatically increases the power of the Chakra Styles he has. He still has the Neutral Chakra Style that he acquired by copying Naruto's bujudama, which is undoubtedly an extremely destructive element.


Sage Mode

Rokishi's Sage Mode is different from the same. The day after finding the remains of a small village, which was once the Country of the Ancestors, Rokishi as an ancestor of Hagoromo, was quickly recognized by the inhabitants thanks to his eyes, which made the inhabitants teach him the ninshū. However, over the years the ninshū has been changed for the better, and not only was chakra transmitted by the ninshū, but also sage chakra, now known as Ninshū Sage (忍 宗 賢 い, Shinobu Sō kashikoi). Rokishi specialized in the techniques of the sage ninshū, and thus developed the Human Sage Mode, a use of the Natural Energy that is taught neither by frogs nor by snakes. Considered the strongest Sage Mode, which gives the best attribute increases, being only behind the Sage Mode of Madeira. What it does is basically increase its attributes to an absurd level, but the most increased is intelligence, which is the strength of humanity, granting telekinesis to the user.

Sensory Perception

Rokishi is not a Sensor Type ninja naturally, but after mastering Sage Mode, his sensory perception grew to absurd levels, as Human Sage Mode is focused on increasing mental attributes, Rokishi can understand past events that happened where he is, with the distance depending on your own vision. With his inclusive sharingan, he can also see the future, predicting blows. With these joins, in addition to Rokishi knowing skills of enemies of the place, seeing what they did before, he can still predict them more easily with his sharingan, which gives a clear advantage in battle.


Rokishi is a genius, simply a genius, both in skills and in strategies. He is the type of person who always has a "second plan to a second plan" despite being stubborn, impulsive and proud, he even considers himself the third smartest in Konoha, only after Kakashi and Shikamaru. Rokishi has already formulated several combat strategies in the fight, has already been chosen to lead squads and even, chosen by Kakashi to be deputy captain of the Third Division. This intelligence and logical reasoning is only increased and boosted when Sage Mode is activated, and it can formulate several different strategies for possible wins and losses, just as it did while being part of the Third Division.

This is evident when even without full awareness of the Allied Shinobi Forces plan, Roksihi manages to fit the plan, exactly at the perfect timing to help the FAS, cutting off the Ten-Tails' tails to weaken it after the plan went wrong. Another moment of Rokishi's intelligence was when he developed in the middle of a battle at the age of 12, where he used the Flying Raijin in conjunction with the Decapitation of Instant Breathing, to make multiple cuts on the enemy stronger than himself, and not get caught by him.

Other Abilities

According to Rokishi's wife, Nikku Uchiha, Rokishi has a certain “personal charm” of attracting people, which according to Nikku would be: “His different personality, while he has a fun and happy personality like that of Nanadaime, at moments where he knows how to behave and be cool like Sasuke, that is, he is controlled. Rokishi is very sociable, and likes a lot of things, something that attracts people, he knows how to act the way a person likes, but he does it in a natural way, he is not the type of person who changes to please someone, the reason his always acting in a specific way with a specific person without seeming forced is because he is very 'versatile', that's why he was able to make friends with people he didn't have, like Hinata, Naruto and me. "

Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Inteligency Strength Agility Stamina Hand Seal Total
4.0 3.5 2.0 4.0 2.0 4.5 3.5 4.5 28

Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Inteligency Strength Agility Stamina Hand Seal Total
5.0 4.0 2.5 5.0 3.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 34.5

Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Inteligency Strength Agility Stamina Hand Seal Total
5.0 4.5 3.0 5.0 3.5 5.0 4.5 4.5 38.5


  • The name "Rokishi" is related to "stone" or "boulder". Rokishi Uchiha would be something like "Stone Fan", although he is not an Earth Style expert.
  • It is said that Rokishi is a fan of Make Out.
  • Rokishi's hobby is to think and imagine fictional stories and teach anything he knows.
  • One day Rokishi wished to fight with his father, Minato, all the Jonin of Konohagakure and the current 5 kages, in addition to Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Rokishi's favorite food is rice with melted cheese, especially the one made by Nikku.
  • Rokishi has officially completed 1.262 missions, more specifically: 11 rank D, 94 rank C, 826 rank B, 180 rank A and 150 rank S, and that number keeps growing, as Rokishi is still an active ninja.
  • The reason Rokishi had 6 children with Nikku was because Rokishi, like Sasuke, is looking to restore his clan.