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Ryū Clan
Ry% 3F Symbol.png
Kanji 龍一族
Kekkei Genkai * Inner Dragon Power
* Mystical Dragon Power
* Yōso Arts
* Energy Arts
* Season Manipulation (Rare among Masters)
Akari and Kuroma's Children
People of the Dragon
Tsukiyomi Yoshida Ryū
Lilian Yoshida
Raoni Yoshida

The Ryū Clan (龍一族, Ryū Ichizoku) are a powerful clan of Dragon Guardians entrusted with keeping the Dragon Blade and The Lost 8 Weapons of The Dragons.


The Ryū clan was blessed by the power of the five Genryū, who together fertilized the land belonging to the clan around Mount Koryū. However, due to their clan's history as Dragon Guardians, all members of the clan were bound to the Genryū, signified by small horns on their heads, pointed ears, and, in some cases, facial markings. Because of their appearances, others recognized them immediately as those who had the power of the Genryū on their side, and persecuted them out of fear of the Genryū, exiling the clan and nearly driving them to extinction some time before the First Shinobi World War. The only known remnants of the clan are Akari and her older brother, Kuroma.

Present Day

After the events of the Dragon Blade Chronicles, the children of Akari and her older brother, Kuroma each married into the lineage of the Lóng people, people are who have powerful connection with various of asian dragons, restoring The Ryū Clan. Soon some of these people moved to the area around Mount Koryū bringing dragons of their land with them and developed a newfound connection with them and were blessed with their power, given their own Inner Dragon power and the power of the Yōso or elemental arts, later they found and re-forged the original dragon blade with evolved powers and new powers.


The appearance of the Ryū Clan varies from person to person and is based on the corresponding element, each person wearing clothing with the color of the elemental they have mastered. They celebrate the Qingming and Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer Festivals.


When a child turns 5, they start their Yōso arts training and when it is completed they a ceremony would be held at one of the 4 elemental dragon shrines were they underwent a ritual depending on which element is mastered in which they are given a crystal amulet that contains the power of all the dragons of the respective element and the symbol of the element they mastered. The amulets are symbols that the person is a elemental arts master.

When a element art master reaches the pinacle of their power, they are trained to use the power of the season connected to the element they have mastered Fall- Wind, Spring- Earth, Winter- Water, and Summer- Fire. When it is completed they underwent a ceremony at one of the hidden elemental dragon shrines were they underwent a ritual depending on which season is connected the element is they mastered in which their crystal amulet is enchanted with the power of the season itself.