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Tailed Beast Shuriken
Kaito Shinobi Beast Shuriken One
Name Tailed Beast Shuriken
Kanji 尾獣手裏剣
Classification Tailed Beast Skill
Range Close, Mid, Long
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

A jutsu created by Kaito after mastering the Nine Tailed Fox's chakra. Calling on the chakra of the Fox, and using Shape Manipulation, he can create a technique that takes the form of manji (卍). For Kaito form the attack, he gathers both positive black chakra (+の黒チャクラ, purasu no kuro chakura), and negative white chakra (−の白チャクラ, mainasu no shiro chakura), shape it into a small sphere. From there, it expands into the manji shape. Like the Tailed Beast Ball, the black and white chakra needs to be balanced at an 8:2 ratio respectively or it will backfire. Just like a shuriken, this jutsu can be thrown, to use as a projectile against Kaito's opponents, or as a close range attack where Kaito strikes with the shuriken himself. Interestingly, the Tailed Beast Shuriken has two forms—the power output in normal mode and Tailed Beast Mode are vastly different; and thus, each form has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In his normal form, due to Kurama's chakra powering the shuriken; the flames are greatly enhanced, causing whatever is struck by this technique to be enveloped in a swirling mass of flame which slices through near everything. While cutting as a shuriken would, it acts as a Fire-release technique, possibly due to the Fox's chakra, causing intense burns to his opponent as well as cutting wounds. To Sensor-type Shinobi, the chakra the jutsu gives off is described as ominous, again due to the Nine Tails' chakra. When the Tailed Beast Shuriken contacts with the opponent, they are cut straight through and engulfed in the flames—the impact causes the foe to be blown away.

However, when in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, the Tailed Beast Shuriken's flames are compressed to their utmost limit; as flames scattered around the atmosphere from the battle are gathered and condensed upon the Beast Shuriken; before Kaito launches it at his opponent. As the Tailed Beast Shuriken moves though the atmosphere, it gathers and condenses stray chakra upon it's form to increase in speed as the chakra is converted into a source of flames in order to bolster its power—upon impact, the flames that compose the Tailed Beast Shuriken are instantly decompressed and they react with the unusual chakra signature of Kaito's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, leading the Tailed Beast Shuriken to explode violently in a dome of flames that spreads out for several meters, blasting through any defenses and inflicting immense damage.