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Takeya Shizen
Name Takeya Shizen
Kanji 竹谷ゼン
Personal Status
Birthdate June 25
Age 17
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg.png Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 165 lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Hometown Getsugakure Symbol.svgGetsugakure
Home Country Land of the Moon
Affiliation Getsugakure
Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation Chūnin Symbol.svg Chunin
Previous Occupation Genin
Previous Team Team 2
Family Shizen Clan
Rank Chunin
Classification Shinobi
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Kekkei Genkai Flora Icon.svg Floral Release
Tailed Beasts Chōmei
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire.svgFire Release (Via Sage Mode)
Jutsu Substitution Technique
Clone Technique
Bug Bite
Hiding In Scale Powder Technique
Scale Powder Sphere
Scale Powder Blasting
Wing Beheading
Wing Rotation
Tailed Beast Ball
Tailed Beast Telepathy
Summoning Technique (Kitsune)
Sage Mode
Weapons Push Knives

Takeya Shizen (竹谷ゼン, "God Fearing Nature") is a Chunin-level shinobi hailing from Getsugakure and is a member of the Shizen Clan. As a member of the Shizen Clan, Takeya has diluted Senju Clan blood running through his veins, allowing him access to the Floral Release and the ability to communicate with the various animals in nature. 

From a young age, Takeya was chosen, along with Yuuma Amaterasu, in order to be one of two hosts of the two Tailed Beasts located in Getsugakure after the Fourth Shinobi World War, in Takeya's case being Chōmei.


Takeya's General Appearance





Takeya's Push Knives

Push Knives: Instead of the common Kunai like most shinobi carry, Takeya instead relies on the two push knives that he keeps in a holster on either side of him. These push knives resemble knuckle-dusters in appearance, but have the bladed portion extended and slightly more curved, giving the weapon a deadlier attacking angle. Takeya commonly uses these in conjuction with his taijutsu skills as that is the area he is most lacking in. Utilizing the blades along side his slow strikes, allow him to make up for improper technique with a deadly weapon. Takeya can also flow some of the chakra from his Floral Release onto the blade, so that when he strikes either an object or an opponent, a series of vines will sprout in order to ensnare whatever has been previously marked. 

Powers and Abilities

When it comes to his abilities, Takeya is a powerful shinobi with techniques to overpower or conceal his weaknesses. Even when in academy school, he was one of the best combatants, due to mixed fighting strategies. Preferring ninjutsu in combat, he is mostly a mid-to-long range fighter and does not do really well in hand-to-hand combat

Even though he has an average amount of chakra, just like Reiki, Takeya has excellent chakra control. Though it is slightly inferior to Reiki's, Takeya's chakra control is so great, he can use techniques and not waste a single drop of chakra while doing it. This also enables him to use powerful ninjutsu and even decrease the needed chakra in order to do so.

Natural Abilities

High Intelligence: Takeya is known as a very intelligent shinobi who has grown smarter as he has grown older. He was able to become of the elite few in class when it came to knowledge in battle. His knowledge in plants and nature in general, enables Takeya to use Floral Release to its fullest, creating techniques that use the plant's best abilities.


Takeya's Summoning Prowess

Summoning Technique: Being a member of the Shizen Clan, thought to have descended down from the Senju Clan, Takeya has the ability to communicate with various animals that reside in the forest. Since the Shizen Clan have communed with these animals for decades, they treat the various members as though they were family and allowing the members of the Shizen Clan to summon them, regardless of the species.

Unlike his father, who was considered a prodigy in the summoning art of the Shizen Clan, Takeya is still growing in skill at a slow, but steady pace. He typically summons smaller animals for scouting jobs and only summons wolves or bears in order to do battle with opponents when needed. Despite the summoning technique being a large portion of the Shizen Clan's arsenal, Takeya dislikes having to rely on his second family as he dislikes seeing them get hurt. 

Jinchūriki Transformations

Kekkei Genkai

Floral Release in use

Floral Release: Takeya is one of the few shinobi in the world to possess the power of the Flora Release kekkei genkai. Flora Release enables him to control any type of plant life and even create plants using his own chakra. This enables him to create herbs for healing oils and ointments and use plants in order to attacks using their natural attributes. Takeya can utilize almost any plant growing in every landscape and he even has the ability to become a human plant and even have create his own photosynthetic cycle.