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Kanji タイタン
Rōmaji Tai Tan
Literal English Titan
Country Sol System
Symbol Titan Symbol.svg

Titan is the only inhabited moon of Saturn. It was Terraformed by the Otsutsuki 900 years ago. It is one of eight inhabited planetary bodies within the Solar system with the others being the Four Galilean Moons, Mars, the Moon, and Earth. It is considered a choice rest stop for those en route to the inner planets or to the Alpha Centauri System.


The overall tropical environment of Titan

The geography of Titan consists of large oceans with complex continental structures of land. The planet consists of a very diverse ecosystem with islands, valleys, mountains, large basins, and plateaus. Inland bodies of water such as rivers and lakes are also abundant. Most sentient inhabitants occupy coastal regions with mainly agricultural communities inhabiting inland areas.


The climate on Titan is overall Tropical with the areas near and at the poles being Subtropical. The land has no deserts to speak of and is mostly covered in Tropical and Subtropical Rainforests, Seasonal Forests, Grasslands, and Wetlands. Snow and Ice except for mountaintops is virtually non-existent. The occasional tropical storm or hurricane may or may not ravage the coasts. Flora and fauna here are extremely diverse with the oceans hosting a number of large coral reef systems.

Notable Locations


Titan prior to Terraforming

  • Prior to Terraforming, titan was an extreme and inhospitably cold place with the atmosphere and surface consisting of hydrocarbons such as Ammonia, Methane, and Ethane. As such it did not have a god tree when the Otsutsuki colonized it.
  • Titan was Terraformed by moving its orbit closer to Saturn causing tidal heating to warm up the moon's interior and surface and therefore in turn start up the processes needed to turn it into a habitable body without the need for sunlight or artificial technology.
    • Due to this tidal heating, Titan's methane oceans and lakes permanently vaporized, filling the atmosphere with extremely potent greenhouse gases which augmented the low temperatures by trapping the little sunlight (and heat that the sunlight brings) into the atmosphere.