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The Tsukigan a unique dōjutsu that is known only by the Ōtsutsuki Clan, The Tsukigan is known as "The Eye Of The Moon".

It is a combination of some Tenseigan and Rinniegan powers split into a few stages with different affects. The eye usual starts stage 1 or 2 depending on the rp and her rank. Each stage also boost affects of previous stages and only evolve from fighting extremely high ranked opponents.


The user of this power can control attractive and repulsive forces and grant the user, Tsukigan Chakra Mode, giving him or her the use truth seeking balls made of moonlight that give them control of the 5 nature transformations, and the power to control time. The user of Tsukigan can also cast extremely powerful genjutsu, transport itself and those in their vicinity to a series of alternate dimensions. It's main power comes 4 stages each with different abilities.

~Stage One: [New Moon]

This eye is able to cast a Genjutsu on a finite area around Lunaura to create an illusion of the moon to better use her Lunar abilitys (Cast without eye open). This also allows the eye to create minor blasts of Lunar energy from it. When she is unstable it also give a form similar to an incomplete tailed beast cloak

~Stage Two: [Full Moon]

The matured eye grants upgraded abilities from the last eye as well as up to 4 tails beast cloak only if it gets that far with her unstableness(Mainly with her corrupted side). Also grants use of minor gravity alterations.

-Dojutsu Ability: Able to use an orbitational attraction around the user to redirect ninjutsu and projectiles.

~Stage Three: [Lunar Blessing]

The highest base form of the dojutsu granting the Lunaura the Deva path push and pull gravity affects. This also allows the user to channel a Kyuubi Chakra mode of Lunar light. Lastly it grants them access to zodiac summoning.

-Dojutsu Ability: Allows her to see from the viewpoint of the moon to see anything the moonlight touches.

~Stage Four: [Moon Goddess]

This is the dojutsu final form that cannot be accessed by her by normal means. This form only manifest when facing an planet buster level opponents (Juubito, Kaguya, Etc). The only other ability this grants is a deer goddess chakra avatar that wield a celestial version of Mūnshādo.


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