Zaruke Uchiha
Name zaruke uchiha
Personal Status
Birthdate march 31
Age 18
Gender male
Height 1.85m
Weight 73.4kg
Blood Type AB+
Hometown sunagakure
Home Country land of wind
Affiliation none
Previous Affiliation sunagakure
Occupation rogue ninja
Previous Occupation sunagakure ninja
Team none
Previous Team team 4
Kekkei Genkai lava release, sharingan
Nature Type fire release

lava release earth release

Jutsu puppet technique

summoning technique earth release: moving earth core shuriken shadow clone technique

this guy isnt finished yet sorry

puppet technique

summoning technique

earth release: moving earth core

shuriken shadow clone technique

Zaruke is a rogue ninja formerly residing in sunagakure where he was a jonin. He has then sharingan, the eternal mangekyo sharingan and the lava release. Since he is a member of the uchiha clan he can use the sharingan without having to worry about it draining his chakra too quickly. He is recorded in the bingo books for treason as he ran away from his village and refused to serve it.

Appearance & OutfitEdit

Zaruke is clothed in black trousers and a red shirt. He also wears red fingerless gloves reaching up to his elbows and black closed shoes. He still wears his sunogakure headband albeit with a scratch over the symbol on a red headband. Also he has a black, sleeveless coat with red flames on it; the flames stop at the waist however on the back of his coat they become higher reaching shoulder height. He carries his blade sheathed over the coat. We can also see the sleeves of his red shirt reaching his elbows. The pants he wears under his cloak are black and he wears red shin guards over his pants.His skin is pale white and his hair is spiky black pointing backwards


Zaruke’s story starts with his parents who were a female uchiha and a male lava release user. When the mother was pregnant the problem arose about who would take care of it as both couldn’t leave the village and move to the other. However on the day of birth this problem was settled as Zaruke had a twin brother. Then it was settled so that each parent would take one twin to their village. Zaruke was introduced as an orphan. The mother however didn’t have a talent for lying and her part of the secret was discovered forcing her to leave the village.

Zaruke became a ninja. He was teamed up with two of his friends from the training. On a certain mission zaruke discovered his sharingan, and so did his teammates. The team however decided to keep this a secret because he would be removed from the team if the village ever found out. This secret was easily kept until his second try in the chunin exams where he had to fight neji hyuga. In this battle he used the sharingan and the higher-ups of his village noticed and decided that they needed this ability to its fullest potential. So after a while they killed one of his teammates before his eyes while having the other one kill and deliver the corpse of his twin brother. After transplanting the eyes they promoted him to jonin and tried to place a curse mark on him. Zaruke didn’t come easily and used a summoning jutsu without any sealed contract to take him away. He got teleported to a volcano where he sealed a contract with the hydras. After a while zaruke used a reverse summoning jutsu to return to the sand village and there used both his new hydra summon and mangekyo sharingan to wreak havoc in the village and flee it. After this he became a rogue ninja and was noted in the bingo books. He met jiraiya and Naruto while they were training and zaruke became naruto’s training partner. He fought in the shinobi wars under a false name.


Zaruke is a silent person. He doesn’t like people whom he’s never met and this may make him seem shy. This is because he has trust issues from that time when his village killed his friends before this he was fun loving, and a bit of an adrenaline addict, often picking fights with older, stronger people


His powers in combat are not to be underestimated, they never were as he learned earth release by 5 years and fire release at the age of 6. To this day there are few who could stand against him. In combat he often uses his own lava release jutsu: lava release: tsumehito. He is incredibly skilled in both ninjutsu and genjutsu. His skill in genjutsu reached the point where it is impossible to detect it.

===Shape transformation===

Zaruke is talented with shape transformation, easily creating claws, swords and armor with his chakra. While he could use the rasengan he doesn’t use it because he thinks that tsumehito is more iconic and defines him better.


While being able to dish out a punch taijutsu isn’t the main strength of zaruke. However this weakness has been taken care of by enhancing his taijutsu with ninjutsu and genjutsu through the use of Lava release: tsumehito and genjutsu: wisp flare


Zaruke is gifted with great skill in genjutsu being able to create and induce them without his victims even noticing they have been entranced.


Lava releaseEdit

This is zaruke’s preferred chakra nature because of the versatility it offers him. With this chakra release he can namely cushion physical blows by sweating magma while also burning the user and slowing him down. Also he can make use of lava to make golems which he can then use puppeteer jutsu on to assault his enemy’s from a distance.


A jutsu of his own creation which essentially forms a claw around his hand made of lava he then proceeds to slash his opponents with this claw although with a shape transformation this technique can also become suitable for jabbing opponents.

====Fire release====

This is the chakra type zaruke uses for long range battles as the fire release jutsu he uses don’t diminish in power when he gets further away from his opponents but also explode on impact making aiming its jutsu a fair bit easier. While also using it in tandem with lava release to absorb the heat from the lava turning it into obsidian

Earth releaseEdit

Earth release is used mainly for tactical advantages and shielding any allies by raising earth walls around the battlefield but also by throwing unsuspecting enemy’s upward or imprisoning them with earth release: mobile core


The dojutsu of the uchiha clan is also present in this ninja and allows him to track fast moving objects, see small details and copy jutsu that he could normally pull off without any training. He also forcibly awakened the mangekyo sharingan and the eternal version of it. This has given him access to 2 powerful jutsu namely genjutsu: wisp flare and translocation jutsu.

===Summoning jutsu===

Zaruke’s summon is a hydra, he made this contract just before he would be curse marked by the sand village. Hydras are fearsome, dragon-like creatures with no wings and therefore no ability to fly. However hydras do have the ability to regenerate lost limbs near instantly most notably the heads as when they are cut off they don’t grow one new head they grow 2 heads for each one that was cut off, each new head has 1 random chakra nature picked from the 5 basic chakra natures (earth, wind, fire, water, lightning) also a hydra and his summoner has the ability to make his extra heads fall off at will. This helps because with each new head the average mental capacities are significantly lowered.

Curse mark of freedomEdit

After contacting the hydras about his problem with the hidden sand village he was branded with a curse mark of freedom. This passively removes any other curse marks formed on the wearer except itself and releases any genjutsu every 10 seconds. Furthermore it allows its wearer to tap in to extensive reserves of chakra just like any of orochimaru’s curse marks. This curse mark has by now advanced to level 3.